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Getting out of Blogging Retirement - Take 2

I've already had some food in my system, and while it's probably on its way to full digestion now, let's try putting in a half decent blog post.

Like I said, after a long, I believe 2-year hiatus from blogging, I had really thought I would let blogging die a natural death and stop just like that. But as things occur in my life, I find myself itching to write again.

Like today. 

First, during lunch time. 

One of my colleagues, let's call her Kay, told us that Hard Rock Cafe has a pretty good lunch set menu. It comes with a salad, main course and dessert, and a refillable drink for the price of a normal main course. So of course we jumped to it. The moment we got to HRC, it was almost a full house! We were lucky not to have to wait in a queue. Those people probably thought to take advantage of the lunch set too. 

Anyway, there were four main courses offered in the lunch set menu; Chicken Marinara, Chicken Pasta, Hamburger and Grilled Fish. I opted for the Chicken Marinara thinking (without actually looking at the full description of the meal) that it was a pasta. On hindsight, I did think it odd that they would serve pasta with fries. 

Kay chose Hamburger and the other colleague, let's call her Bee, ordered the Grilled Fish. None of us read the description in full, except maybe Bee. So there we were, chit chatting and de-stressing while waiting for our meal. We ate up the tuna salad pretty quickly after it arrived, then we waited for a good 20 minutes, maybe more, for our main course. The tiny bowl of salad was pretty good but it did not really satiate our hunger. WE WANTED FOOD! 

When we saw the server coming to our table with three plates, oh the excitement! The first plate laid down on the table was Hamburger. . . . Let's take a moment of shock here, because a) it was just a beef patty on ONE piece of bread (literally guys... it was a piece of buttered white bread), b) there was no veges or salads on or under the burger except for maybe chopped tomatoes as garnish, and c) not even a slice of cheese! The look on Kay's face was just too comical as she tried to cover her surprise.

Then my meal was put in front of me and I thought to myself, "Where's the pasta??" At least they did not skimp out on the fries. Haha.

Then lastly, Bee got her fish and I'd say hers was the closest to meeting our expectations. I was surprised they gave her mashed potatoes though. 

We ate up our meal, albeit with a little disappointment... most was for Kay especially since her husband could not stop laughing after knowing about the daylight robbery that was her meal. Hahaha! My chicken was alright but it was a little dry. And Bee was enjoying her meal quite thoroughly because she was so hungry. Actually anything at that point would have been really yummy to her.

After the meal, we had our dessert which was a scoop of ice cream. Get this people... I'm pretty sure it was a scoop of Wall's Raspberry ice cream with a drizzle of strawberry syrup. A good thing that that ice cream is actually really nice but c'mon... Hard Rock Cafe? It is not exactly premium food innit? 

In the end it felt like we definitely overpaid for the meal. Before even leaving the restaurant Kay was already thinking that she'd need another meal around 3ish just to feel fuller. I guess we learned our lesson there. Never fall for a cheap lunch set in a fancy restaurant and READ THE DESCRIPTION carefully.

Whatever it was though, we had a tonne of fun laughing and catching up. While our workstations are close to each other but when we are immersed in our jobs, we could hardly even say hello! 

Second incident happened in the office just after 5pm. 

One of my managers, bought some Hokkaido tarts to be shared. Our intern asked me to pick one and since it's after 5pm, I was starting to feel rather peckish. So of course, I did not turn it down. It's cheese tart! 

Or so I thought...

I took a HUGE bite out of the tart and immediately regretted it because... IT WAS DURIAN FLAVOURED!! Okay, my fellow Malaysians will probably chastise me for this, but I. Do. Not. Like. Durians. Ever since I was little, durians would be the one thing I would not willingly eat, and I love food. The mere smell of it could make me dizzy and I am so sensitive to the smell, I literally could detect the aroma from a mile away! These days, I could have maybe a little piece of it as what my dad call it, 'my annual quota'. But it would be a conscious decision. 

Today though... that huge bite caught me entirely off guard and I must have looked like a cartoon as I try to tell the intern that it was durian, chew and swallow the bite, AND try to offer the rest of it to my other colleagues. Suddenly I was surrounded by a handful of people that also do not eat durians. My goodness... what was the odds of that.

Right about then the manager who bought it came over and said, "Oh 2 of them are durian flavoured. Zima, don't take that one ok." 

"Too late!" I told her, "I took a big bite out of it already!" And we just stared at each other wide-eyed for a moment. 

Gosh... For a little while I was just there trying to kill off the taste with some crackers that Kay got on her table and wondering who would eat the rest of my durian flavoured tart. Thankfully, Twinsy did not mind finishing it off for me. Phew! 

Never again... Never, ever again will I be curious to get a durian flavoured tart. 


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