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The Time I was Flying Blue with KLM

About two months ago I came back from a magnificent travel experience to the UK and Paris. I fully intend to write all about it as it was my very first solo trip ever! But this post is not about that per se. I plan to break down the solo trip experience so that it will not be too heavy in one posting. 
Anyway, I just wanted to share a little bit about my experience travelling for the first time with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as they were my chosen carrier to take me on this wonderful journey. 
From the get go, I would say it was not exactly all smooth flowing. My own unfamiliarity and inexperience with them probably contributed to the little bumps along the way but thankfully their customer service team is well trained and equipped to help iron out any hurdles or uncertainties that I faced. 
The booking was unique in its own right. The selection of flight dates, times and class was all standard. Then when it came to payment was when I discovered the first uniqueness, or rather the second …

Of Close Calls and Close Cuts

In a span of 10 days, I have managed to accumulate 2 new incidences that I could relay as a sort of lessons learnt for others. One is on online shopping, and the other on beauty.
So let's get into it to cut the story short (because God knows I cannot write anything briefly!)
The first incident on online shopping happened on a nice Friday afternoon at work on 10th March 2017. Before we jump to the actual story, a little background is that whenever I am stressed, I tend to look online for shopping inspiration. I love looking at luxury handbags especially vintage ones, makeup, shoes, clothes, anything that would give me a good feeling to boost my self-confidence and lift my spirits. In fact that was how I purchased my first vintage piece a few years ago, an LV Epi Leather Tri-Colour Noe GM. But before making a purchase I would always ensure a few things are covered. I would gather as much information that I could find on the bag, what authenticating features to look for, the profile …

For the Love of Coco

To those who don't know it yet, I have a great big love for handbags and shoes. An addiction, if you will. I think if you were to scroll through some of the tags of previous posts, you would see a few which were solely (no pun intended) dedicated to shoes and handbags. However, between the two, shoes is something that is a lot harder for me to acquire. You see, I have BIG feet. They're between sizes 41 1/2 and 42 EU, or in Malaysia it would be practically non-existent cause it isn't humanly possible for a woman to have such big feet! (Yes, yes... I'm exaggerating). And what's more, if I could by some miracle find a pair that is my size in Malaysia, I would tend to utterly fail to even squeeze my feet in without breaking it because of the cutting or design. Somehow they have managed to combine narrow and long but cannot make wide and long happen... Nope, not very often. So to overcome this, I sometimes will get my shoes from overseas or companies that are overseas b…

Getting out of Blogging Retirement - Take 2

I've already had some food in my system, and while it's probably on its way to full digestion now, let's try putting in a half decent blog post.

Like I said, after a long, I believe 2-year hiatus from blogging, I had really thought I would let blogging die a natural death and stop just like that. But as things occur in my life, I find myself itching to write again.
Like today. 
First, during lunch time. 
One of my colleagues, let's call her Kay, told us that Hard Rock Cafe has a pretty good lunch set menu. It comes with a salad, main course and dessert, and a refillable drink for the price of a normal main course. So of course we jumped to it. The moment we got to HRC, it was almost a full house! We were lucky not to have to wait in a queue. Those people probably thought to take advantage of the lunch set too. 
Anyway, there were four main courses offered in the lunch set menu; Chicken Marinara, Chicken Pasta, Hamburger and Grilled Fish. I opted for the Chicken Marina…

Getting out of Blogging Retirement - Take 1

Hello Blogosphere!!
It is I, back from an unintended retirement from the blogging world. Actually, I never did intend to hang my blogging shoes as I did my dancing shoes. But after what seems like (a) lack of time due to work, and (b) lack of inspiration to write about things without sounding like I'm whining (phew... that was a long one), I decided that after a year of hiatus, it is high time to put some thoughts to ... what do you call this?... not paper... blank blog page? Well just type out some thoughts.
So here we go. 
Starting now.
Right. Now.
Ok. Any moment now. .

. . . .
Maybe I need to eat first. Haha!