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2015 would make the 10th year (Holy Mackerel!!) that I have worked since I finished my studies. And in all that 10 years I have undergone many, and I mean MANY ups and downs in my career.

Some might say I haven't had much luck since I started, what with uncertainty on what I want to do and be, to undergoing business foreclosure, to unexpected retrenchment, to changing jobs in between, to mental and emotional abuse by a superior; I reckon it's quite a colourful history that I've got going for myself. And while some people would try their damnedest to hide it, what I prefer to do is learn and grow from the experience, and if need be (without sounding self-righteous about it) share it to help others deal with similar scenarios.

You would think that after 10 years though that I would have seen just about everything the vicious Corporate working world could be. But trust me when I say that there's still so much in store, I haven't even begun to scratch the surface. I su…

What's New Pussycat?

SO it is now 2015. February to be exact. It is also my beloved eldest niece and self-proclaimed god-daughter, Syara's SEVENTEENTH birthday! Gosh... 17 years since I first became an auntie. 17 years since my life became so much more fulfilled with little children's laughter and characters.

Since Syara arrived in this world, I have become an aunt 6 other times over since that fateful 12 February 1998, and I love every little bit of it. The youngest one that I have to date is little Ilhan Seth, Buffy's son, who is now coming to 8 months' old. And there are people who said he looks exactly like me as a little bub. (I'm secretly very, very pleased with that actually... Hehe!).

Whenever one of my siblings have kids, I am usually one of the most excited and proud of all. I would even risk losing my job just to be there for them. I would make up any excuse just to visit them and hold my new baby niece or nephew. Heck, I would even volunteer to do diaper duty! (or should I …