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After 20 days

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody.

It's May 20th, which marks the 20th day of my wearing headscarf and I must say, I think today is officially the first "bad tudung day" (as Christmas puts it) that I've ever had since I began. It also doesn't help that it is MONDAY, which is DREAD DAY of the week.

And as for Murphy's Law... well on top of the trouble with my headscarf this morning, I discovered a zit on my chin, my work top keeps unbuttoning AND there's a tiny tear on my sleeve near the cuff. Albeit the last one is not too noticeable but it did make me feel quite blah. It's like I'm back in school where I never notice these wardrobe malfunctions till someone embarrassingly points it out! Thankfully, I have learnt my lesson from all that experiences. In case it gets too much, I will pin the heck out of my top with my safety pin, and I also have a sewing kit in case anything else rips. Hopefully, nothing else gets ripped of course. I did tell myself that I will leave it in Allah's good hands. Hee...

I think maybe there's a kind of blessing with all these challenges on the 20th day. I am fasting today so my lips are sealed and I will attempt to refrain from complaining. I suppose I have deducted some marks here since I am writing about it. But let's just put this as a periodic update on the stuff that I go through as time goes by in this journey. I'm hoping that only good things would unravel for the rest of the day, Insyaallah.

The past few weeks have been majorly hot and humid. I seriously think my room IS a sauna in this hot weather. Whether am sitting still or moving about I am sweating buckets, which is absolutely icky. But Insyaallah, I am coping well. Trying to keep it together and stay calm under the circumstances. I have put up a darker coloured cloth over my existing curtains in my room just to give it a little more shade. My curtains are light purple... and while it's pretty and sweet, it does almost zilch to keep my room cool. So hopefully this temporary method will work. If it does, then I will rightly invest in some good dark curtains. Fingers crossed.
Ok, on to some excitement. Remember when I wrote about how I am a handbag addict and that I was thinking of getting a bag from the luxury vintage store? Well... I went and finally did it last Thursday. The store I went to is called Attic House over at Plaza Damas and they have tonnes of beautiful pieces from Coach to Bally to Ferragamo to Gucci, Prada, LV, Chanel and even the mother of all bags... Hermes Birkin!

My little bambino is an Italian make beauty from Miu Miu, which is a sister company of Prada. It's such a cute story on how the brand Miu Miu came about from the nickname of Miuccia Prada who is the youngest granddaughter of Mario Prada, the founder of the flagship company. And what I love about this brand is how it is understated, high quality, fresh and cool at the same time. The brand itself doesn't need to be splashed about with "Made in Italy" or even labeled so obviously unlike other designer brands around. Apparently, this is part of Prada's strategy for "anti-status" or "reverse snobbery", which is just what I absolutely like. Oh and by the by, I also decided on a model which is not the iconic or popular look. Usually, I would choose models that are unique and rarely seen about to reduce the possibilities of imitation, because God knows these designer bags get imitated like nobody's business!

So which style did I get? Presenting my little Miu Miu bambino... <3


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