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My Headache Diary

I need to distract myself from the pain afflicted by migraine. And so far, I have not been successful in doing that. It seems that every single movement of my head, every flicker of the light or reflection, every single annoying noise makes me want to hurl! I suppose reading and looking at the computer or iPhone or iPad during this time is not the best thing to do of course. But it does beat... driving (which I shouldn't have done in the first place). So back to the reading... I came across this article on the internet while googling "Migraine Pain Management" and it states that migraine causes are unknown. It simply occurs when the brain and its surrounding blood vessels are irritated due to certain triggers, which makes it leak out certain chemicals that induces pain to the nerves. Migraines most commonly occur among women particularly around the time of their periods especially in puberty and would usually lessen by the time they reach menopause. Genetics are most com…

After 20 days

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody.

It's May 20th, which marks the 20th day of my wearing headscarf and I must say, I think today is officially the first "bad tudung day"(as Christmas puts it) that I've ever had since I began. It also doesn't help that it is MONDAY, which is DREAD DAY of the week.

And as for Murphy's Law... well on top of the trouble with my headscarf this morning, I discovered a zit on my chin, my work top keeps unbuttoning AND there's a tiny tear on my sleeve near the cuff. Albeit the last one is not too noticeable but it did make me feel quite blah. It's like I'm back in school where I never notice these wardrobe malfunctions till someone embarrassingly points it out! Thankfully, I have learnt my lesson from all that experiences. In case it gets too much, I will pin the heck out of my top with my safety pin, and I also have a sewing kit in case anything else rips. Hopefully, nothing else gets ripped of course. I did tell mys…

Two Weeks Baby!

Hello, hello, hello!
Today is the 14th of May 2013 and Alhamdulillah, I am well into the second week of my journey. Who would've thought ey, that I would do this now let alone last till now. I am so thankful for this (as I've been saying so many times over in this blog that it's probably old news). But I am. So that's that.
The past weekend admittedly wasn't the best for me. It was swelteringly HOT and I suffered through a swollen ankle and a foot tendon sprain (all on one foot). Spent quite a bit of time in my "sauna-like" room resting my foot although I did try to make the most of the weekend by pushing myself to go out with my family even for just a bit. I suppose that wasn't the smartest thing to do when I eventually broke down in tears on Sunday (a.k.a Mother's Day to the rest of world) from the excrutiating pain. Nevertheless, I was still driving my family around but not after that drama. Going into and coming out of the car was torturous e…

The journey so far...

So here we are on the 12th day of May 2013.

It's barely 9am on a Sunday so really the day has barely begun. Things are good so far. I've not yet left the house for the day forgetting to put on my headscarf, which is really great, and being out in public with the headscarf feels rather good and natural. Alhamdulillah...

I did have a dream once that I totally forgot my headscarf when I left the house. It was a horrible dream! I was going out and all the while I thought I had my headscarf on when suddenly halfway through I realised I didn't! I was mortified! The feeling of shame was quite tremendous in my subconscious mind. I think I remembered quickly pulling out a scarf I had stuffed in my bag which was totally unmatched with my outfit and just putting it on haphazardly. I just couldn't go through the whole day without the headscarf on. It was too much embarrassment to bear! Luckily, I woke up and realised it hasn't happened. Hopefully it doesn't ever!

Anyways, …

7 Days

Alhamdulillah, it is my 7th day in headscarf. One week has gone by and I have quite adapted myself to the change. I'm sure I wouldn't have done it without the strength from Allah s.w.t. and not a day goes by that I do not thank Him for this privilege and honour.

To be honest, I have never felt so comfortable. That feeling of uneasiness in my own skin practically vanished the moment I put on the headscarf. I feel confident and happy and beautiful (which is a plus point). I believe that when someone does this in the name of Allah s.w.t, physical beauty is nought when your "nur" is the one that shines forth overcoming your physical insecurities and (dare I say it) defects.

Makes me think, if only I had done this a whole lot earlier!

But... no regrets. For whatever that I've gone through, whatever I have done, whatever I didn't do, this is how I would learn from it and be my own person. I mean, I wasn't an awfully bad person to begin with but neither was I…

Five Days of Newness

Assalamualaikum and heyyyy'all!

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah s.w.t, I have survived thus far in my "headscarf" journey. The first day itself was surprisingly good and comfortable despite me going to one of the most crowded areas in KL city, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman or Jalan TAR for short. No doubt I somewhat cheated a little because I mainly kept myself indoors in Semua House and City One Plaza where there's some air conditioning but the fact of the matter is I was there. Hazaa!

Most KLites (?) would know that Jalan TAR has tonnes of headscarves, wedding paraphernalia, cloths, clothes, etc, etc. and it is ALWAYS buzzing with people. You'd go there and probably would never truly get a chance to explore every nook and cranny of this place. And every single twist and turn would leave you all amazed that you've seen something different. It's truly fascinating.

Anyways, I went there for a reason which was to help out a friend look for her wedding saree. E…

After midnight

Assalamualaikum and hello.

It is after midnight, 1st May 2013. A new day, new hope, new month, new aspirations.

So what exactly have I been talking about for the past few days?

This is it... I am making a change in me to represent yo! =)

Assalamualaikum & good night.