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Avril's April

Assalamu'ailaikum and HEYyyo!

It has been MONTHS since I last updated you on anything. I'm currently emailing my blog post from a different computer outside my home. So forgive me if I miss the mark on when I last updated.

Anyways, it is April 2013 and for the last 4 months or so of this year I've had personal ups and downs, which I think is quite alright in my books, although I had hoped that the not so good wouldn't have happened so soon. The saddest news within the first quarter of this year was when an aunt of mine was disgnosed with Lymphoma in mid-February, and not long after that, she succumbed to the illness on March 1. We were all quite taken aback by how fast it was but seeing her suffer those few weeks was just as sad and unbearable that secretly I think we all felt that it was best that her misery is shortened albeit through death. It truly is the bitter release.

Right about the same time I had three other uncles who were put to the test. One had a tear in his intestines and had to undergo emergency surgery to patch him up, another had a stroke which left him unable to speak very well, and the last with a blood "disappearing act" type illness. I don't particularly know about the specifics of the last case but the doctors have concluded through biopsy that he is cancer free, Alhamdulillah... And of course Alhamdulillah, praise be Allah swt my uncles are all doing much, much better now recuperating at their own pace.

Nevertheless, the uncle who had emergency surgery had a double whammy unfortunately when two days after his surgery, his brother (my dad's friend) passed away. The family was quite saddened by it and since my uncle just had a surgery, the whole family decided to keep the news from him until he was stronger. When it finally was made known, for some reason my uncle took it alright and accepting it as God's will. He had a feeling that something was off right about the time when his brother died. He just couldn't put his finger on it.

That's pretty much for the saddest parts of the first quarter. All we had to do was leave to Allah and InsyaAllah pray things will get better. And mostly things did get better, Alhamdulillah...

First; Ina, one of my good friend's from college, has asked me to be her maid of honour come June. Yay! Quite excited about that. =)

Secondly; my best friend, Mae, is in her final month of pregnancy and will be due in May. She's getting all excited about the baby and although I probably won't see her or the baby this year, I share her excitement all the way from Malaysia. We still don't know the gender of the baby but I have seen the 4D scan and I can tell the baby will be a beautiful one! =) =)

Thirdly; I finally made the decision to get a new car. Phoenix was pre-loved when I got him and was definitely well-loved but we had to face the facts that he's getting old and might not withstand the vigorous way that I drive. So I decided to let him settle in with a new family who I'm sure will give him as much love and TLC, if not more, and took in Miss Bella on March 26th. She is AMAZING! And I am thoroughly happy with her. Love! I'll post up a picture.

Fourthly; I have made a personal and intrinsic decision, which I am super duper excited and happy about, and I thank Allah for this. Only a selected few people already truly know what the decision is about and I am very happy to say that I have their full support and encouragement on this, Alhamdulillah. The past month and for the next couple of months to come, preparations are being made for this wonderful decision and in fact, as time goes by I can't help but feel like speeding it up even earlier than planned. I had initially wanted to go ahead with this at the end of the year. And then I thought that was too long a wait so decided to push it earlier to the middle of the year. But now, hmm... We'll just see. I hope the people around me will respond to my decision well, although even if they don't, I believe in my heart of hearts that I wouldn't let that deter me from going ahead with it.

But please don't despair. I didn't write this just to tease you. I write this sincerely from my heart. All will be made known in good time, InsyaAllah. I am constantly praying for the strength and the conviction to go ahead with this when the chosen time comes. And I hope you could give du'a for me as well.

And no... it is not a boob job. (My best friend initially thought that was it. Haha!)

Till next time, Assalamu'alaikum and take care. =)



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