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My birthday in 2012 = Asyura day

Check this out! A colleague of mine who knows quite a bit about religion just revealed to me that my birthday this year falls on a very auspicious day in the Islamic calendar. This year, 24th November 2012 falls on 10th Muharram of the new Islamic year, which is Asyura day. I know little about how special 10th Muharram is in Islam or even in the history of Islam. But I always believe in continuous learning even for things that are meant to be basic knowledge. We can never know too much about something, isn't it? So my colleague here told me that I am very fortunate to have my birthday to coincide with Asyura day. Alhamdulillah... I never expected for such things but I know that I am quite privileged in a lot of things in my life. Perhaps Allah has a bigger plan for me that I expected, InsyaAllah... Although, many wonderful things have occured on this day in the history of Islam but these are just some of the things, which my colleague shared with me, that occured on Asyura day... All…