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Due to popular demand... HAHA!!

Actually, no, not really... Not too many people have been asking me where I've been on the blogging world. Suppose you could say that I was busy living life as it happens and not putting it in writing.
This year, I have placed quite a tremendous amount of my time for family. Friends at work would see me the most next to my family. And occassionally some of those peeps who no matter what, I wouldn't and couldn't get rid off. You know who you are! Haha...
It's already October 2012, and it's been a somewhat good year. A few heartaches here and there but I believe that you have to have a mechanism to move on and be happy for whatever good that you encounter. It's how I deal with a lot of things that brings me down. Think I've mentioned this several times that I hate being melancholic, sad and angry all the time. So it's only natural that I pull myself or with some help from others, out of the doom and gloom rut.
I should try to recall back some of the good, bad, and something in between. I might miss out on some but these are what I could remember...
  • Celebrated Dad's 68th birthday! His birthday was on the 2nd but what better way to herald in the New Year. We, the kids, got him an iPad. He was stoked! Buffy was still super preggers then. She was in her 8th month and we all knew by then that her baby was going to be a precious little girl.
  • About the time of my SIL's birthday, which was at the end of the month. my brother and SIL had a huge announcement - they were pregnant!! Finally, after 11 years a baby on the way!
  • Right about the same time or so, I decided to quit a friendship that was increasingly going south with nothing good for me at all. It was one of those friendships where you thought would stand the test of time and then suddenly discovered that the "friendship" was all a lie and plain toxic. Thanks dude. You were just all wrong from the start.
  • A really short month except that there's 29 days instead of 28. That extra one day really does wonders! It's Leap Year. Wahoo!!!
  • And this month, 3 little people I love in this world celebrated their birthday - my nieces, Syara and Nuryn; and my little Amani (Buffy's little bub) born on 26th February 2012, a day before Nuryn's, and 3 days past her due date (psst... it was just like her mum who took a week herself till she decided to come out! Hazaa!). Buffy became my hero that day. She endured over 16 hours of labour and gave birth to Amani naturally. We were all so proud of her and was so thankful to Allah Almighty for the little blessing He bestowed us.
  • Nothing much happened here apart from never ending work and travelling up and down to the south of Malaysia. Although...
  • I went for a much needed trip to PHUKET!! SO MUCH FUN and SO GOOD. I have to thank Dieselfire for convincing me and not letting me back down from the trip. It turned out to be a holiday that was a long time coming, for sure. I was a shadow of my former self by then. After the whole halloo-balloo of the friendship breakup, work stresses and frustrations, Dieselfire was sure I needed to get away from it all. And she was absolutely right. Dieselfire, we NEED to do that again soon.
  • Then when I got home from the holiday, I discovered that my house had additional inhabitants... RATS! AIIEEEEE...!!!
  • So from end of March till April, I became stressed to the max about the rodensia issue in my house. Coming home was not something I looked forward to. I was travelling still up and down for work and the inhabitants just decided that the lack of people in the house meant that it can be their new playground.
  • I had to take a few days off from work just to try to sort things out. I was pretty much at my wits end and felt trapped.
  • Work was still crazy as ever at this stage. We were working weekends and long hours to finish the major project then. People acquisition is a nightmare!
  • Mum & Dad celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary on 5th April. Still as loving as everrrrrr...!
  • Amani's aqiqah and "naik buaian" happened during this month too. Went back Ipoh for this and she was like a little princess dolly in her christening gown. Too big for her then but she still looked the part.
  • And then... one of good friends Phatin gave birth to her baby girl Nur Hanin Nayli. Aww... she was just so precious. Actually looks a LOT like Phatin from the nose down. Hahaha... Haa... I missed Phatin. It's October now and I haven't seen her in a few months now.
  • Right about this time, I was making plans to go to Perth for yet another retreat/holiday/visiting my best friend in the WWW, Mae. We were like little girls just scheming away on making sure I get there. It was a full planning process, from searching out flights, determining dates, annual leaves, convincing my folks (they kept asking me who else was getting married there!). But this all had a good ending so, yay!!
  • It was around this time too that I found out that Bernie, my good friend from Kenya who is in Perth, is expecting her first baby with her wonderful fiance Tony. Aww...
  • But all wasn't happy, happy, joy, joy during this month. I lost someone rather dear to me at the end of the month... my mentor Allahyarham Seri Tambak. He was a Senior Manager in my current workplace up until April 2012. He always saw the potential in me and believed in my abilities. Very encouraging and very wise. He left the company after feeling overwhelmed by the madness in this place. And he also needed to leave for his health. About a week before he passed, he had scheduled an appointment with the cardiologist because he felt a heart attack coming. Before the week was up, he got a massive attack in his home. He had only turned 50 two weeks prior his death and whatsapped me the night before... ~Al-Fatihah~


~Part 2 of the update will ensue soon~


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