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Due to popular demand... HAHA!!

Actually, no, not really... Not too many people have been asking me where I've been on the blogging world. Suppose you could say that I was busy living life as it happens and not putting it in writing. This year, I have placed quite a tremendous amount of my time for family. Friends at work would see me the most next to my family. And occassionally some of those peeps who no matter what, I wouldn't and couldn't get rid off. You know who you are! Haha... It's already October 2012, and it's been a somewhat good year. A few heartaches here and there but I believe that you have to have a mechanism to move on and be happy for whatever good that you encounter. It's how I deal with a lot of things that brings me down. Think I've mentioned this several times that I hate being melancholic, sad and angry all the time. So it's only natural that I pull myself or with some help from others, out of the doom and gloom rut. I should try to recall back some of the good,…