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Fat Me Trying for a Comeback?

Here's the sitch...

I need to get back in control of my weighty problems again. Yes people, I have a problem. Hahaha... Not like you don't know. See that little ticker above the blog page? It hasn't moved at all since end of 2010. Not to mention, if it did move, the weight ticker wouldn't even indicate that it's going down but up!

Let's just say that I have fallen off the wagon... again. This will happen again and again. But I think the bigger crime is to STAY off the wagon if it happens again. Now I need to replan my climb back on the wagon. It's going to be a tough fight with myself especially since I have grown complacent. But the motivating factor here, I would say is the blah feeling I have of myself. Seriously, these days I feel heavy-set, lifeless, lethargic, bored and not quite overally positive. Kinda sucks.

So how did I fall off the wagon? (Yes, yes, I know... am making excuses here justifying things but it's part of analysis and accepting my faults)

It started with me getting a new job in October 2010. Immediately on the day that I began I was travelling down south to the office there for visits and assignments. On and off, I would travel at least once or twice a month and it disrupted with my exercise regime and food intake control. I would try to eat the usual ration of food that I was used to. But the quality of food wasn't as great as it used to be. And while these was going on, I also began hanging out with some fun people from the office. Making friends means hanging out, having fun, and doing lots of fun things together mostly involving food, of course. Food became our social glue. And we happen to be a bunch of people who just loooooves food!

Hanging out also means that mixed with the long hours and stress of work, I would be coming home late, which means that I lack of rest and sleep. So by the time I get home, all I want to do is crash like a log just to wake up to start it all over again. So time and energy for exercise was out the door in no time.

Then I had a temporary high which had a similar effect to being in love. I was smitten. And for a while it made me happy, contented and... gaining weight as I felt like I was on top of the world despite the work stressors. However, things didn't pan out the way I thought it would. Being heartbroken again for the upteenth time, I started losing weight again the wrong way, i.e. loss of appetite due to stress. I was not eating well and feeling lousy for a bit. I didn't like myself that way, so picked myself up soon after and began to focus on other things in life. I slowly became better, and my appetite for life and food came rushing back in.

But then my work became more and more overbearing. Friendship gone south was stressful, lack of sleep was stressful, and to top it off, I recently discovered that I have rodent problems at home. Which brings me to to-date.

All the while throughout 2011, I try to do activities to balance up the lack of discipline in exercise and food control by doing fun physical activities like dancing and swimming. This while it doesn't necessarily contribute directly to weight loss helped me maintain my size. At one point I was down 2 dress sizes from when I first began which was fantabulous! As far as I could tell, am still in between 1 or 2 dress sizes down, which is still good...

But the moment 2012 began, things were waning. I didn't have time to go for my dance classes, couldn't cook, ate out everyday, and stressed everyday. Not that 2012 is so terrible. There are really good ups and really bad downs but it's fairly okay so far.

Now, I just need to get myself disciplined again. How? Firstly, to accept that I have fallen off track. Secondly, have a game plan, and thirdly, act on it. Am going to see my bestie in September and I want to look my best! Plus, a friend from work has asked me to sing at her wedding in December and I sure as hell will want to look and feel like a glam-puss come that day. So fat me will have to make an exit, and pronto!


cikumuffin said…
I'm also trying to lose weight! Am following this 3 months programme. So far I've lost 5 kegs in a month.ig you'd like to find out more, I can hook you up with my friend for her to explain obligation. ;) let's work hard together!

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