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Fat Me Trying for a Comeback?

Here's the sitch...

I need to get back in control of my weighty problems again. Yes people, I have a problem. Hahaha... Not like you don't know. See that little ticker above the blog page? It hasn't moved at all since end of 2010. Not to mention, if it did move, the weight ticker wouldn't even indicate that it's going down but up!
Let's just say that I have fallen off the wagon... again. This will happen again and again. But I think the bigger crime is to STAY off the wagon if it happens again. Now I need to replan my climb back on the wagon. It's going to be a tough fight with myself especially since I have grown complacent. But the motivating factor here, I would say is the blah feeling I have of myself. Seriously, these days I feel heavy-set, lifeless, lethargic, bored and not quite overally positive. Kinda sucks.
So how did I fall off the wagon? (Yes, yes, I know... am making excuses here justifying things but it's part of analysis and accepting m…