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Heralding the New Year

Happy 2012!

Time sure flies when you're having a ball in your life. 2011 was not without sadness, heartaches and tries, but all in all it was generally good to me. Alhamdulillah, Allah decided to let me get through one year to see the coming of yet another year. My hopes for 2012 is that it would continue to be just as good or better for me and everyone I care about as it was in 2011. And should there be any trying moments where it could break us or bring us down, I hope we are given the strength and heart to make it through and get back on the saddle again. That's my wish for this year.
On new year's resolutions, I think it's subjective... We don't need the new year to be resolute on something. It's just a good starting point because it gives us a feeling of new beginnings. So for this year, not that I specifically have a resolution... but I would like to have an overall better, fulfilling life with my family and friends. Have good relations, better health, mor…