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So here's the thing... Am not really in a great disposition at the moment or rather... lately. Something happened/didn't happen/about to happen... I don't know. But all I know is, my emotions are in an all time highs and lows which leaves me physically and literally nauseous all the time as if I've been on a perpetual rollercoaster ride. Sometimes I'm okay with people around me, other times all I wanna do is disappear and just be by myself. I am stressed out all the time, or rather I have a distressed feeling in my heart. It aches so bad at times that I literally cry out in pain. There are days when all I want to do is just lie curled up in my bed and not face the world. It takes me so much energy and effort to pull myself together and put up a brave front that at the end of the long day all I could do is collapse, exhausted and spent.
But then I have to put up this front. I can't let people around me see this. All they see is how exhausted I am and I …