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Vay-Kay-Shen weekend! =D

Am going to Tioman Island yo! It's almost 4pm on yet another Friday and am at the edge of my seat with excitement about this trip. I haven't had a vacation/break/roadtrip/holiday (whatever you wanna call it) since May 2011 when I went to Singapore with Alphatin and Jasper.
This time around I'm going with my crazy fun colleagues. We've planned this since about a month ago and eventhough it was touch and go almost to the very last moment, we finally decided to just go with it. So what if the drive to Mersing takes about 5 hours from KL? So what if we're driving tonight to reach Mersing at 4am to catch the 5am ferry? So what if the ferry ride to Tioman Island takes 2 hours? So what if, after all that, we're only staying in Tioman for one night, and going back to KL on Sunday, AND working on Monday? BWHahahahahahaha! Yep, toldja we're crazy. :p
But you know what, it's gonna be a lot of fun, I reckon. All I know is, whatever it may be, am not gonna get all st…


Arghh... what to write for this paper am doing at work??! I have some points but to start a sentence is proving to be more difficult than just saying it all in point form. Shite!
And now you see what am doing? Writing in my blog instead. Am so not focused. Partly because I'm not fully awake and when I have to so something like this I need inspiration for my "creative juices" to flow. In the meantime I would rather do just about ANYTHING other than the actual job itself. haha!
**Text message comes in**
That was my sister, Buffy. She's on MC today... actually on MC for the whole week. She's at a very uh... "delicate" condition right now. Hehehe! She's staying with me till her husband comes back from his business trip, which should be tomorrow night. I got pretty worried about her coz last night as we were going to dinner suddenly she complained of stomach pains. I wouldn't have worried too much about it until I saw her looking like she was about t…

Alphatin & Jasper: United At Last

It's July and 2011 is maintaining that good feeling it brought in since January.
One of the most recent happenings for July is... my other good friend got married!! Alphatin and Jasper finally took the plunge for happily-ever-after. So she has joined the likes of Mae & James, Pinkstar & Shark, Yilei & Han, and oh-so-many of my other friends who tied the knot. This wedding is equally as memorable for me as it was for Mae & James' because... Alphatin is my other best friend in the whole wide world apart from Mae (I only consider these two as my best friends even from schooldays); I have been given the honour to do Alphatin's makeup for her akad nikah; She selected me to drive the newlyweds to the reception venue in my humble little Phoenix; She gave me the honour to bless her wedding among her family members; Her family reserved a seat for me at the main table to dine with the newlyweds among VIPs. I really feel blessed for having really good friends. Brings b…