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Do you like me(e)??

Wouldn't it be easier to just say, "I like you. Do you like me too?"

This is posing to be a problem for me who just prefers communication rather than trying to read hints and body language. Or even trying to decipher catch phrases and its hidden meanings.

Sometimes, I can be daft and obtuse because I cannot, for the love of GOD, know what or when that's being hinted. I just can't. It seems every time I think that's what it means, it turns out all wrong and then I end up feeling like an idiot for having feelings in the first place.

So I've told myself, with these potential conquests, this time around I am not going to be the one falling or crushing first. NOPE, not me. I intend to be the "unsuspecting lucky one" (can I say that?) who happens to have someone who is into me and is pursuing me.

It's not easy for me to be nonchalant because I am so obvious most of the times (except when it comes to work) that it borders on ridiculous! How do I …

While it rains...

Once again am sitting in McDonald's mooching off their free WiFi while pretending to blend in as one of these kids who are supposedly "studying" or doing assignments on their laptops. Yeah, right...
Let me give you a brief overview from where am sitting.
On my right, a bunch of college kids; 2 teenage girls, 1 little girl about 8 y.o, and 3 teenage boys: Now, the boys... one of them is definitely into the girl with the little sister. So, that boy is busy entertaining this little girl while big sister nonchalantly observes this sweet little connection over her laptop, which is decidedly either on facebook page or streaming a video. This boy has his posse with him in a 'I got your back buddy' way trying to waste time talking to each other and eating while their buddy attempts to charm the little girl and her sister - simple rule, charm the sister, get the girl. That teenage girl, of course has a sidekick girlfriend who is there as chaperon maybe. I mean someone'…

Hey! Whatchu doin? SNEAKING?!

I reckon since it's Friday, I should put in a more cheerful entry as opposed to the last one. So whiny... Sheesh!
Disclaimer: Okay, anyone who reads this, please note that am only human. Sometimes I have PMS, sometimes I have bad moods, sometimes I get angry or sad, and sometimes I get happy. Am a ball of human. Am not programmed to always be positive 'kay.
Anyways, moving on from the "stressful" entry... most things are all good. And I have Allah to thank for that. Also the prayers of all my loved ones; family and friends. Yep, I love my friends too, in case you don't know. Hehe. April has finally ended and I have to say it ended with a positive note. My little nephew is out of the hospital; parents are a-okay; siblings doing alright; Phoenix needs servicing but still running; May began with a three-day weekend; bought myself a new gadget which allows me to type out this entry in a little corner in McD; and work, Alhamdulillah... while still nuts at times, remain…