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Merry April, everybody!

Happy April! Wow... It's April in 2011. Seriously, this reaction will probably be the only constant from me for this blog. "Wow, it's already February!", "Wow, it's already March!", "Wow! It' April!"

I guess I'll never get over that TIME just goes on. Better get a move on on lots of things that I want done. Although honestly, am glad to report that my life seems more interesting and fun these days. Not to mention, busy all the time.

My new job is 6 months in and am due for confirmation any time now. EEP! People say I shouldn't worry but I can't help that little worry bug from creeping in inside of me. Still doing okay with the job eventhough there are times when am overwhelmed. For those times, I have awesome workmates, friends and family that diverts my focus away from stress. Thank goodness for that.

Weight loss, now I seriously doubt that I have lost any weight. BUT friends all around have been observing my shrinkage. I don't know how that happened because God knows I have been eating and eating and eating! Especially with the Princess of Lepaqs, Prince of Lepaqs (my 2 clowns at work) and Alphatin. Whenever we meet up, which is quite regular, all we do is converge at an eating place. Even at work with Prince and Prince OL, the question that is always raised is, 'Where/what do we eat?' - we're always hungry when stressed. With Alphatin, we have PLANS on where and what to eat. PLANS!! Means we have tonnes of food we want to try. It's a good thing we don't see each other everyday. I'd be a walking ball if we did! (or should I be rolling?). If bestie was around, WHOA! As it is, everytime I plan to travel to Perth to see her, a better part of my plans with her is food indulgence.

Digressing, my point was... I've been eating, right, but I've also started to shrink. I've begun swimming regularly again the past month, occassionally go dancing and travelling lots the past few month back and forth KL to Johore. Maybe those are the reasons. Eventhough my weight is still sky high (and am not exagerating), I have gone down 1 or 2 sizes. Princess OL says it's probably that my body is more toned from the swimming and dancing. If it is, well Hallelujah! Coz GOD knows I do not like dieting or exercising!

I've mentioned before that my 'healthy-eating' habits isn't exactly a 'diet' diet. It is merely a correction of what damage ignorance has done to me all my life. So am gonna stick to that. I still love my cakes (recently had a crazy choc cake obsession but has been satiated), ice cream, carbs, and yummy food. Just in moderation (as much as I can coz eating out most of the time, it can be hard to control how food is prepared). Why do I eat out a lot now? Well, my job now clocks in long hours to the point when after work all I want to do is have dinner somewhere nice and comfortable with good company. The long hours makes very little time for shopping of any kind, be it groceries or retail. My food stash has depleted so much that there was a time recently when my parents came to town, and there was NO RICE AT ALL! Mum was so amused. She wondered what I eat. Haha! Yeah, staying by myself also makes me not go grocery shopping much. I better get busy with that again though... Eating out after work is fun but once in a while cooking/eating something within our control would be good too. Eventough eating out means I get to hang out with 'somebody' longer. Haha! (shush-ing up now).

Oh, have I mentioned my computer of 7 years have finally kaput? Yup, after the second time it crashed, I realised it's just time to say goodbye. Am now plannng to hunt for a new computer. Something not too elaborate. Just good enough to go on the internet and do work at home (if necessary). Hopefully soon. I mentioned to bestie that I have tonnes of photos that have not been published and tonnes of stories to blog about, which I'm gradually forgetting to write about too. My REM is refreshed every so often that it creates new memories. Haha!

That's all for now folks! Have a great month and see ya when I blog again. Oh, and don't forget to have fun in the process. Mwuahs!

P/S: for the record, am updating via my mobile phone. Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right. Cheers!


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