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Am being such a girl...

Right this minute, am experiencing yet another bout of women's plight... menstrual cramps. And it's a Royal Bitch!
Am at work, not able to sit still long enough to concentrate on work and I'm getting a headache from just trying to stand the pain. Hang on... am having another contraction... . . . ... sigh... Phew! Yeap, I said 'contraction'. Menstrual cramps happen when the utrine muscles are contracting too hard during period. Hence my usage of the word 'contraction'. Oh... my poor uterus... Seems it's not only when you're giving birth that you'd have contractions.
I'm trying to distract myself but it's proving harder and harder to do, especially as the day wears on. Right now, am just waiting for 5 o'clock. Then, am I going to beg my boss to let me go home early and crawl into bed. Mmm... bed... I need my bed... and my pillows and blanket and hot water bag. That would be pure bliss right about now.
One more hour to go... ugh... must. ha…

Merry April, everybody!

Happy April! Wow... It's April in 2011. Seriously, this reaction will probably be the only constant from me for this blog. "Wow, it's already February!", "Wow, it's already March!", "Wow! It' April!"
I guess I'll never get over that TIME just goes on. Better get a move on on lots of things that I want done. Although honestly, am glad to report that my life seems more interesting and fun these days. Not to mention, busy all the time.
My new job is 6 months in and am due for confirmation any time now. EEP! People say I shouldn't worry but I can't help that little worry bug from creeping in inside of me. Still doing okay with the job eventhough there are times when am overwhelmed. For those times, I have awesome workmates, friends and family that diverts my focus away from stress. Thank goodness for that.
Weight loss, now I seriously doubt that I have lost any weight. BUT friends all around have been observing my shrinkage. I don'…