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I Heard a Rumour...

Okay, so this is the scenario most days at work. I would come in to the office in the mornings, work throughout the day and after closing time, still be in the office but rarely alone. Usually my boss would be around or some of my colleagues from Marketing are around. Normally, we'd (Prince and Princess of Lepaqs, and I) end up going for dinner or walking out of the office for home together. But sometimes, we do have a realisation that we all have a life to live outside of office mates, like spending time with our family and buddies.

So for the 'sometimes', there are times when we'd be super busy and just end up being in the office on our own. Usually the three of us would accompany each other but there times when we'd have to man up and be alone.

This is what happened last night at the office. Prince and Princess had both left the office earlier to do their own seperate things. I was with my boss when they'd left and was just wrapping things up for the day. This was roughly around 7.00pm. Shortly after, my boss said goodnight and I also had every intention to go home soon after. But I suddenly recalled the favour I had to do for my parents - Settle their traffic summons (meh!). So there I was, doing my thing and I decided to call my dad for a quick chat about the payments. While talking to my dad, I heard it... The sound of the tip tapping on a keyboard. Now, as far as I could tell and see, I was ALL ALONE in the office. No one else was around. But this tapping sound was quite prominent as if someone is profusely typing out a document. Since I was on the phone with my dad, I thought, 'Heh! It's prolly just my imagination', and continued to ignore it.

So I did what I had to do, printed the receipt and got to packing my stuff to go home. During this time, I somehow had an instinct which was sorta urging me to get out of the office quickly before something happen. While packing, suddenly I heard the tapping sound again AND this time with the scrolling of a mouse. Imagine this, 'Tap, tap, tap, tap... scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll' - when you're all alone in the office at 8.00pm (not as dramatic as if it was midnight but whatev).

Did I freak out? No... not at that point. I was just telling myself, get going NOW!

AND THEN... (jeng, jeng, jeng!!!)

Remember I said I printed something? My thing had finished processing about 15 minutes, at least. So the machine would have gone to sleep mode by then. But... right at that very moment, suddenly the machine was activated! No rhyme or reason!!! It activated AND it wasn't just the printer, but the scanner lights which were flickering on! As if when we're copying or scanning a doc!! The lights came on and I just stared at the machine from my place, stunned... shocked... FREAKED. I stood there and said, 'O...kay... I don't wanna find out!' and ran outta there as fast as I could.

When I got home, I told my parents (thank GOD my parents came home yesterday) and Buffy and my BIL about the 'incident'. Dad said, "Maybe 'he' was just playing with you. Telling you to go home coz it's 'his' time". Well, I didn't want to find out if 'he' is or not. All I hope for is that 'he' is not malicious. Eep!

This morning, I spread the word to my colleagues and my bosses. Whoa... to the reactions. Since there are more ladies in the office, we've all huddled together to say that we're NOT going to be staying back in the office alone - FOR REALZZ! And only at this point did Prince of Lepaqs said he usually hears that too whenever he's alone in the office at night. GAH!!! So I wasn't imagining at all then. There's something in the air and it's prolly looking over my shoulders RIGHT NOW as I'm typing about 'him'.

To 'you': If you ARE reading this (over my shoulders), please, please, please don't do anything bad to me. I won't bother you, if you don't bother me ya! Please just let me be. And don't do me any favours by showing yourself to me. I'd prefer the anonymity. Thanks!! Peace yo!


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