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Can you Smell the Weekend?

Today is travelling day! Yup, you guessed it... am going to the South yet again. Hmm... I wonder when I'll be able to head North where I feel more at home. Haha.
Anyways, this week things have been SO annoying at work. Just when I thought the little rapid was calming down, along comes another one. It's like if you put it all together, it would probably tantamount to Niagara Falls (which is sort of what I feel sometimes when I bottle it up to put those crap aside). I BURST!
I have been giving little outbursts here and there, and it's quite possible that pretty soon some of these people will tend to not like me. And lo and behold, it could be that one of them turns into a backstabber. Hmm... maybe that's why I've been feeling this stabbing feeling in between my shoulder blades. Haha! But jokes aside, I'll try to maintain my cool. So far the people I work with are receptive to my... ahem... advances(?) but you just never know when I might have crossed the line some…

PMS and its Effects at Work

I think I've almost forgotten what I usually would do when I am stressed. Not that I am not stressed throughout all these times. But I've been managing it alright or more like, didn't have the time to start writing in my blog. My worklife is going by in such a whirlwind and sometimes it just makes me want to go insane and blow up. I was actually quite happy that I managed to have control over it but today... oh today... today I actually had a slight bickering with someone at work.
I think I just came to a point where I couldn't take the bullshit. But at least it wasn't a huge arse deal. Could be I'm going through PMS. haha!
Anyways, after I tried talking to friends at work about my frustrations and also after I tried to do things that are de-stressing (i.e. go for lunch with colleagues), I think I still needed an additional outlet to get myself out of this funk. So imagine how grateful I am that I could express myself here. Yayy!!
I have been travelling up and do…

Things that start with 'Happy'

Whoa... look at the 'cobwebs' in this place! It's been close to THREE months since my last update. Thankfully not a single part of my life has been put on hold except the updating bit. Haha.
So hello again everyone... How have y'all been doin? Happy Christmas; Happy New Year; Happy Birthday to Mae (my bestest friend in the www Whole Wide World!!); Happy Chinese New Year; and soon-to-be Happy Valentine's Day; and Happy Maulidur Rasul. Hope y'all are fan-freakin-tastic and life is just giving you all the goodness and wholesomeness it has to offer.
This year, 2011, even though has only 'barely' begun (yes, I know... it's already February) has been SO full that I felt like it's MORE than February. I mean time is moving so fast and so sudden that I hardly seem to have any time to breathe! But at the same time, I am living... like really enjoying life. My life has restarted somehow. My job is getting more and more interesting and challenging daily; I…