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A miracle occured today!

I have come to terms with lost memories of happy occurances in my life for a while now, especially when my laptop of 7 years crashed one fine day, erasing just about EVERYTHING in it's memory bank. Thankfully, I managed to salvage some data that were saved in the C drive after sending my computer for repair is ComDoc. Otherwise, I lost it all - my photos from my trip to Perth in 2008, photos of friend's weddings, birthdays, Uni days, my MUSIC! Gosh... it was heartbreaking.

But for some reason, I told myself it was a blessing in disguise so that I won't be forever mulled by the past and to start making new memories. That was when I bought an external hardisk that's big enough to store all my crap in. I mean come on, pendrives are just TOO small at times and not to mention that it sometimes goes totally bonkers after a while.

After that was invested, I started transferring just about everything I had into my external hardisk and was oh so happy to have ample space to muck around with. My work could be dumped in there and my personal life also has a spot in there.

So for a few months, I was over the moon. I helped Buffy with her wedding plans and reacquiring playlists, etc. all using my trusty external hardisk.

Or so I thought...

Then, one day some time this year as I was busy busying myself at work, I decided to browse through my photos. At the point I had some good things happening outside of work that just makes me want visual reminiscence whenever I was down at work. All of a sudden the words "Folder is empty" popped up. And this is a folder which I open daily! Now where the heck did the contents go?! I was pretty sure I didn't click "delete".

I was in tears by the end of the hour. I couldn't believe my eyes and no matter how many time I unplugged and replugged it back it, it still would show "Folder is empty". It really WAS empty. Like poof, and it was gone. Just GONE!

Oh, the heartache. My all the good things that happened throughout the past year... vanished into thin air! I even asked Alphatin and Jasper to check it out for me and even they couldn't figure it out. It truly was mind boggling. Yet again, I had to rebuild my memories. I still had some photos that were in my camera which I saved in a different folder but I lost quite substantially nonetheless.

But today... something happened. The photos in that "empty" folder reappeared! I could've easily whooped for joy had I not been in the office when I discovered it. WAHOOOO!!!!

Look, look, look!! =>>


Shugabelle said…
Kan kan?? Mcm hantu or magic. But I suspect it's the paranormal activity. :P

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