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Sitting Up In My Room

I'm hanging out in my hotel room watching 'The Women' for the upteenth time. Yep, I don't really get tired of that movie. It's madness but it's kinda fun too.

Oh yes, IN MY HOTEL ROOM. haha! As if that's a huge ass deal, ey? :p

But anyways, part of the deal for my new job is to travel to Johor every so often. This trip makes it the third time in less than a month but it's swell and an adventure. Maybe I'm just mystified by it all still but this is a nice 'honeymoon' period for me at work. I do hope the good feeling won't dissipate for a while. I'm especially glad that I go to work and am able to come home feeling like I've done my job well. It's a self-gratification that I haven't felt in a long while... :)

Now... in case u haven't notice, that ticker up there *points up* is not moving. Yep, am referig to my weight loss project. Since Perth and my new job (I wonder how long I could say this 'new job'), I have been staying far, far away from my green digital weighing machine. Why? Because I know that I probably have gained some weight especially since I have neither been exercising nor have I been really disciplined with my food. Forget about trying to eat salads/veges, I've not even gone grocery shopping! (O_o)

Well, part of the reason is actually moolah. Haha! It's a complicated situation but bottom line is, I've had to survive on practically no source of income until I get my paycheck from my new job. But ALLAH is my saviour because just when I thought I'd have to borrow money from Buffy or my parents, I got my pay for the 9 days of October in my bank. Wahoo!! Soooooo, I'm determined to go do my grocery shopping this weekend and GET BACK ON TRACK.

Other things to get back on track would include; having more family time, updating my blog, catching up with my peeps (yes, you!), planning my future, and prolly analyse what the hell is happening (or not happening) between food boy and I (sigh).

I think I've written quite a lot for this update and am sorry it's just full of word vomit but I'm updating via mobile so... no photos! I'll try do better next time. :D

Ciao peeps! *muahs*


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