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A Happy Grown Up, I am!

It's my birthday!!! Hahaha. Talk about self-love, right?

Anyways, for yet another year I am spending my birthday working my arse off because I couldn't get time off of work. And it was a good day until the powerpoint file I was editing decided to make my life a living hell. Thanks for sending me a corrupted file to start with operations office! Sheesh.

So much drama there because I truly was enjoying my day today.

Whoawell, it's now no longer in my court because I've sent the editted file to them to do whatever they want. See... that's probably why I should have just gone to the operations office this week instead of staying behind. At least there'd be a win-win situation created. They'd get the 'problem' with the slides fixed there and then AND I'd get my date with my eye-candy. Hahaha!
Okay, since it's almost 5pm now, which marks the END OF THE OFFICIAL WORK DAY, I think I'm going to decide that today is a GREAT day despite the tech dr…

Eve of My __th Birthday!

This is totally odd... I can't go to blog pages but I can upload entries while at work? Heh!


Yes, HELLOOOO again my peeps. It is I back from the... hmm... back from... not having time to update(?)

I have to say that my time these days are just fully occupied with my new job. It has been a whole month now and on the eve of my 25thBirthday (I am sticking to that age for as long as I can), I decided to take some time out of my busy schedule at work (muahaha!) to update you on what's happening with life in general.

Firstly, Alhamdulillah and thanks to Allah Almighty for truly blessing me with all the goodness of life. I have a loving family, great friends, a blossoming career and honestly, I could not be more greatful than to have all these things. At times I feel bad that I haven't been giving more of my time to Him so now I need to properly plan out my time to ensure that He is not neglected. He definitely knows that I have Him in my thoughts ALL THE TIME!InsyaAl…

Sitting Up In My Room

I'm hanging out in my hotel room watching 'The Women' for the upteenth time. Yep, I don't really get tired of that movie. It's madness but it's kinda fun too.

Oh yes, IN MY HOTEL ROOM. haha! As if that's a huge ass deal, ey? :p

But anyways, part of the deal for my new job is to travel to Johor every so often. This trip makes it the third time in less than a month but it's swell and an adventure. Maybe I'm just mystified by it all still but this is a nice 'honeymoon' period for me at work. I do hope the good feeling won't dissipate for a while. I'm especially glad that I go to work and am able to come home feeling like I've done my job well. It's a self-gratification that I haven't felt in a long while... :)

Now... in case u haven't notice, that ticker up there *points up* is not moving. Yep, am referig to my weight loss project. Since Perth and my new job (I wonder how long I could say this 'new job'), I have…

Touching base...

WHOAMAGAWD... I can't even remember the last time I put up an update. Am so sorry...! *hangs head in shame*

I just haven't had the time and frankly, I STILL haven't the time. So am just gonna write a short 'touch-base' update to let y'all know that I am alive and kicking and TOTALLY swamped.

My October was fan-freakin-tastic. And I'm hoping that November will be just as stellar all the way leading up to New Year's 2011. I will give a blow-by-blow account of the happenings in October, starting with my trip to Perth (So.Much.Fun), Mae's wonderful wedding (I caught the bouquet!), my homecoming to Malaysia, Paramore concert (yeah-haa!), first days of work up till... the point where I would actually START writing these updates. Haha! And to make it more interesting, I'd even post up some photos of the events. WEEEeee!

Btw, my new job is going great. Lots to do, so am busy, busy, busy just like how I've always liked it - No time to get bored! Oh,…