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I hope You Don't Mind that I Put down in Words...

... How wonderful life is, when you're in the world... (Sorry, can't help but finish the line with a song. Hehehehe!).

It's 2 days before Eid and I am at a crossroad between being excited about it and being totally unprepared for it. But as the hours tick on by, I'd say am leaning heavier towards being excited. The thought of the moment when I get to scoot out of the office and straight into Phoenix for Hippo.. OOH! It gives me chills. :D

By the way, this is Phoenix, my new companion:

Ain't he gorgeous?
Doc's arriving from UK this evening and Buffy, BIL and her are travelling straight for Hippo leaving little ol' me behind. Well, I don't blame them. I brought it all to myself by insisting that I don't take any additional leave for Eid. Must save whatever leave left for Perth trip in October!

HAZAAa.. speaking of which, I am getting SUPER excited (I seem to be excited about everything lately. Ahahaha!). Anyways, my colleague gave a lovely suggestion 2 weeks ago that I should consider wearing a Nyonya Kebaya for Mae's wedding. Until that point I was quite adamant to look for a long grey dress (proving not so easy to find) to fit my role as 'Maid of Honor' on her big day. But when the suggestion popped up, I was quite taken by it. HOWEVER, the OK must come from the Bride-to-be. Luckily, when I ran the idea by Mae, she was in total agreement with it. And there it was, I was faced with a mission to look for either a ready made Kebaya or for materials to MAKE the Kebaya. The search was FULL on. Scouring the usual spots that my parents frequent to buy cloth, I was mentally and emotionally preparing myself for the high cost of materials and workmanship. But before I purchased them, I also told Alphatin about the idea. That was when she suggested we make our way to Jalan TAR.

Stepping into Jln TAR just last weekend, which is famous for wedding materials, cloth, ready made traditional outfits, Telekung (prayer suits), carpets, etc, etc, is an Once-In-A-Blue-Moon experience for me. So imagine my awe in seeing all these folks doing their last minute shopping for Eid! And I can tell why it's so packed and famous; everything is at a fraction of the cost in normal boutiques!

Alphatin, her sister (Along) and her mum making their purchase

Just SOME of the things you can get there. Traditional wedding accesories!

Alphatin & Along resting in between walking around.

So we went into Gulati's (one of the bigger cloth stores on Jln TAR) and I just could not believe my luck. Almost from the first moment I saw the materials, I was sold. I may have paid a little bit more than if I were to buy in Binwani's BUT in Gulati's I get a FULL suit and extra lace for the price of the materials to make JUST the top with Binwani's cloth. I'd say I got the better deal in the end.

The one's that didn't make the cut in Binwani's

The winning choice and a Batik sarong with GREY prints I found at the flee market. :D

I was so happy to have bought the materials that shortly after sending Alphatin home, I immediately made my way to the Tailor's just so I can send it off and it get it made as soon as possible. ETA: End of September and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Ngee!! And what's more fun is that Alphatin has found some choice inspirations for HER upcoming wedding with Jasper. WAHOOoo!! Yes, that's set for this December. :D

Okay, time for a little recap... these are some fantastic buka puasa sessions I've had this Ramadhan:

Hosting a Bday buka puasa with friends for Rocku's bday

Going off to Lumut to see darling Makbed and family

Breaking fast with colleagues in Istana Bambu

*Merdeka buka puasa celebration - haven't taken the photos from Cikinot's FB. :p

Annual break fast with Nasstacia & Pinkstar in Chilis.
Met Pinkstar twice for break fast this Ramadhan but the first one didn't have any photos. Meh!

Break fast with Christmas and Little Boy and friends in Delicious

*And countless break fasting meals in K Long's house.
By the way, TODAY'S HER BIRTHDAY!!!!
40 years YOUNG and becoming more and more gorgeous each day. WAHOOOOOO!!!

K Long and I during Buffy's wedding almost a year ago.

And then we found out Paramore's coming to KL. So yesterday, we bought...

I love tickets, don't you??

Alphatin's Brand New Eyes. Ngee!



p/s: I have more news but I'll save some for the next entry. Ngee...!


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