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Went for the KILL!

I'm ready to tell...

On the 3rd of September, about a week before Eid, I got the call I was waiting for for the past month. August was just a whole lot of question marks and guessing games about the job offer. But it finally came... Incidentally, I had another episode of bad migraines that day and it sure didn't help that it was in the middle of Ramadhan. So I got home with my MC slip and broke my fast and shortly after, my phone rang. OH JOY!!

So it began, my process... I went for my medical checkup all too quietly and waited excrutiatingly long for the results to come out about a week and a half after. WHOABOY! The company am going in checked up on me to make sure that the results are in. So when Monday, 20th September arrived (the clinic conveniently told me that the results would be ready then), I moved in for the kill. POW!

By 4.30pm that day, I was officially an outgoing employee. My boss tried the 'what if I counter-offer you' speech, the 'One of my biggest wo…


Whoa man...  I just got an email from the 'great no frills airline' that my scheduled flight to Perth has been CANCELLED! URGH!!!Apparently it's because there is a "delay in the delivery of a brand new AirAsia X aircraft". WTF?!

Now they've given me some options:

want to move to the closest flights to your original flight as follows:
-          D72714 on [Friday, [1st October 2010], departing at 2350hrs, arriving in Perth at 0525hrs the next day; or
-          D72714 on [Saturday, [2nd October 2010], departing at 2350hrs, arriving in Perth at 0525hrs the next day
-          wish to move to any of our other Kuala Lumpur - Perth flights of your choice;
-          wish to cancel your ticket and request for a refund;

Haiyaa... I have to make a decision and I'm taking option 2. Option 1 is highly tempting but then my parents, especially Bapak, is hoping that I will be around to go to his good friend's daughter's wedding that day. Now that the flight is …

An update is an update is an update

Wow, I never knew that there are people who actually visit my blog!

Okay, now I feel more motivated to update my blog more often. At least if the people do stumble upon my blog they wouldn't have to read the same bloody entry that's stagnant in the first page. Ahaha!

Things to update:

- (Gosh, it's already the 20th of September) Am going off to Perth in about 12 days! Eeep!!! And I still have oodles to prepare. Panic mode: (partially) ON. Further to this, bestie's wedding will happen in 20 days. WHOAMAGAWD! Nervous-excited-nervous; and I don't even know why I need to be nervous when I'm not even the bride.  (O_o)

- Weight loss; it's STAGNANT! And with the Eid season going on and the ongoing food consumption, OH GOD I hope I don't put on any weight. I'm fasting today to replace that one day I missed during Ramadhan and I am determined to catch up on my exercising tonight after breaking fast. I need to get back to tangent STAT!

- Work; Oooh! Have I …

I hope You Don't Mind that I Put down in Words...

... How wonderful life is, when you're in the world... (Sorry, can't help but finish the line with a song. Hehehehe!).
It's 2 days before Eid and I am at a crossroad between being excited about it and being totally unprepared for it. But as the hours tick on by, I'd say am leaning heavier towards being excited. The thought of the moment when I get to scoot out of the office and straight into Phoenix for Hippo.. OOH! It gives me chills. :D

By the way, this is Phoenix, my new companion:

Doc's arriving from UK this evening and Buffy, BIL and her are travelling straight for Hippo leaving little ol' me behind. Well, I don't blame them. I brought it all to myself by insisting that I don't take any additional leave for Eid. Must save whatever leave left for Perth trip in October!

HAZAAa.. speaking of which, I am getting SUPER excited (I seem to be excited about everything lately. Ahahaha!). Anyways, my colleague gave a lovely suggestion 2 weeks ago that I shoul…

What happened to August?!

OMG peeps!! It's already SEPTEMBER 3rd! Should I be freaking out? Bestie's wedding is about a month away and I still need to do a few things to prepare for the trip to windy Perth...

- Get travelling visa
- Find a dress as MOH - It's now in the making. Sent the materials to the Tailor
- Find shoes(maybe)
- RSVP the wedding!!! - Apparently I missed the deadline but I emailed the bride. Ngee! Sorry babe.. :P
- Officially apply for my leave(verbally got the consent so am not too worried about this)
- Print out my e-ticket
- Mental & physical preparation for the trip on a no-frills flight
- Finalise 'Hen Party' plan
- Change currencies (GAAHHH!)
- Get SUPER DUPER excited - an understatement, for sure!
- Try to lose a little bit more weight (although it may have plateaued for the time being)
- Clear up any pending work/handover work - Handover EVERYTHING as I'm saying sayonara for good! Muahaha.
- Plan what I want to do while in Perth. Will be there for …