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Second Day of a New Moon

It's August! How time flies. Wasn't it just recently that we were celebrating New Year's? Suddenly, months went by and it's now the eighth month of the year. Meep!! But anyhow, life goes on no matter what right? So here I am going on with my life. And trying to have as much good times as possible to make it interesting and fulfilling.

So these are some of the things I did on the last day of July and on the first day of August...

Saturday, 31st July 2010
- Alphatin and I were on a mission to be mini Martha Stewarts with our cake project. Unlike most people, the reason we wanted to bake a cake wasn't to make some extra income on the side but merely to fulfill our curiosity on our ability to bake a special cake. For this first attempt, we wanted to bake a Red Velvet Cake. The night before, we excitedly met up with Cikinot to buy our Twilight merchandise from Borders Books and then went into Tesco for our raw materials for the cake. Going home that night, we were confident that the cake (with a few minor adjustments to the recipe coz we could NOT find buttermilk) would be tasty and RED on the inside. Yay!!

We each took a layer of the cake because we ran out of time to put the two pieces together. Here's my half of the Red Velvet Cake. It's a success in terms of taste so we could bake it again. :D

This is the Twilight: Eclipse merchandise that I got. It's a book bracelet, it's Edward Cullen and it's pretty!

- After the cake adventure, I rushed over to SJ to get my parents and send them over to my uncle's house in Hartamas. My cousin's hand was being asked for (merisik) by her boyfriend's family. But since I'm one of the 'young ones', I needn't be there to witness it. After dropping my parents off, I headed over to my brother's house to hang out while my parents attend the function.

- Then, my brother and his wife said we were going for dinner and off we went to Sheraton Imperial in KL after picking up my parents from the uncle's house. It was a buffet dinner and it was SO. GOOD! The fresh oysters were magnificent, the salad was to perfection, they had Japanese food, Char Kuey Teow that is devine and a spread of desserts, which I forego coz I was too full! There goes my healthy eating habits for one night. :p All in all, a pleasurable Saturday FOR SURE!

Sunday, 1st August 2010
- Slept in for a little bit coz I was so tired. But only for a little bit because Bapak told me the night before that he was keen on checking out the Sunday Car Mart in PJ. We used to do that quite a bit when my parents were in SJ most of the time. But ever since they moved to Hippo, we rarely get to do that anymore. Coincidentally, I have a plan in the pipeline to trade in my car. Ten, ten, tenn!!! So we were on a mission this time as opposed to just 'looking around'. Found some great potentials. Narrowing down, I'm guessing that my next car would be a second hand Toyota.  Ngeee!!!! :D

Maybe a Vios??

Or perhaps a 2-door Rav 4??? We will see...

- After the Car Mart, off we went to pick Mak up for some banana leaf rice. WAHOOO!!! It was indulgence. Really!

- Once full, we headed over to K Long's house to see the kiddies.  Hung out there for a while and then headed on home to SJ.

- Before calling it a night, I had borrowed my nieces' basic piano book to re-visit reading musical notes. I'm very slow at reading music but with some basic revision, by the end of the night I could play the first line of 'Fascination'. Hopefully by tonight, I'll be able to play the whole song and even perhaps play 'Fur Elise' again. Not bad ey?? *wink*

Yep, that's how I ended July and started August. How did you do??


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