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In the August Pipeline

Waaaa! It's already the middle of August. Where have the time gone?! It was only the previous entry that it was beginning of the month. Suddenly, we're faced with 17th August. Gaaah!!

But then, when I see 17th August, I know what it means too. It means there's only THREE days before we head out to Lumut to see our dear friend Liza J (glamour name Makbed). Miahahahaha!!! By the way, in case you didn't catch on 'we' here refers to Alphatin, Jasper, Cikinot and moi. :D

So anyways, life has not been without dramas. There is simply A LOT that has unravelled especially in the Alphatin and Jasper episode. All I could say is, whatever it is they have mine and Makbed's support. They have decided to... TIE THE KNOT!!!! Dum, dum, da-daaa (wedding march theme). And it comes with a whole baggage of drama for the two of them. HOWEVER, the determination is there and I'm confident they will get through all the havoc created by others. So ALL THE BEST TO THEM! More updates on the upcoming nuptials. Ngeee! :D

Next, ahaa! Remember the thing that I'm counting down to? Remember when I went all out for my little weight loss project. I think it's time. It's TIME to reveal...

A little something came in the mail from Australia. And it contains...

A wedding invitation! My bestie's getting married!!!!! *woot woot*

Now, if Alphatin marries by December this year (Insyaallah), TWO of my besties will be tying the knot and starting a new life. Wahooooo!!!!!!

Another thing that is in the pipeline for little ol' me is...

I'm taking the plunge to upgrade my ride. *Woot woot*

This has been going on for a while now but until recently I was never really serious about it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my car. To bits! But I think it's time that I get going with my self-fulfilling prophecy and get a better, more economical and efficient, more reliable, Japanese car rather than putting on the pressure on my poor local car... :(

Now, I even have a date that I will get my 'new' car - 28th August 2010. Looks like my family and I will get a chance to celebrate Eid in a NEW car. Wahooo!!!!

Aside from that, Ramadhan is going smooth so far. I pray it goes the same for everyone too. Have a great one!!


makbed said…
alahh.... lambatnye nak tgu kereta tuuuuu.....
Shugabelle said…
Tak pe la Makbed. Ni aku bawak aku nye keta ni... Round2 aa!
sayanora said…
Ooo I don't mean to be nosy but what car? I like cars, moreover when they're new :D
Shugabelle said…
Well, it's a 2nd hand car so it's technically 'new'. Hehehe! Have decided on a Toyota Vios, 2005model. :D

Don't worry, I'll definitely be taking piccas of my new baby. Ngee!

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