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Countdown to D-day: 69 days left

Now for some updates on my weight loss project. Haven't been talking about that in a while since I was having too much fun with friends. How can I say that? Having too much fun?? I think I'm having just the right amount of fun. :)

Anyways, it's now the 3rd of August, which means there is 69 days left to D-day. Some of you might have already guessed what D-day is, because of some hints that have been dropped off in some of my entries. It has to do with my trip to Perth in October this year and it also has to do with my best friend, Mae. Yep, I'm dropping bigger hints now. I should probably just reveal it now since it's SO near but I'll leave it till the month before... maybe. Hehehehe!

When this segment started I had about 140 days or so to work on my weight loss. My new motivation at that point. After approximately 2.5 months, I am so glad that I've worked my butt to reach the point of losing 10 kilos. That is equivalent to 22 pounds. In the next 2 weeks to mark my 3rd month of healthy eating and exercise, I hope to lose another 8 pounds or 3.6 kilos to reach 30 pounds. If this fella here could do it in 3 months, so can I. :) But yes, I do realise that men and women have very different ways and pace of losing weight so I would just take in whatever tips in there to keep myself going on the food department.

Ookay, I admit, July hasn't been a month filled with healthy eating. I didn't have as much veges and fruits as I should and my water intake went down quite a lot on a daily basis but August, I am determined to get back on track especially coupled with Ramadhan coming up. Discipline and determination are keys to success here! I've started exercising on my x-trainer again after a 2-week hiatus. Slowly reminding my body that it can withstand 40 minutes per work out but yes, I am doing it especially because I am seeing the benefits on myself. :) Trying to control my food intake and cutting out unnecessary indulgence - I 'treated' myself to McD's about two weeks ago after my 2nd milestone achievement but I found that it sort of makes me feel sick after a few months of staying away from it. Then I tried again with KFC, and again I felt sick-ish. Hmm... Good body for 'rejecting' junk - But nevertheless, I am not denying myself the pleasure of good quality food so I never feel deprived. That's important!

Wanna see if there is any changes in me? Maybe you could tell coz I can't really. :p

In April 2010

In July 2010

I should take better photos of myself. Muahaha!!!


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