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Goodbye My Lover, Goodbye My Friend

On the 27th of August 2010, I said farely-well to my companion, my partner-in-crime of 5 years... Pasquel.

He was bold, strong, tough and could withstand almost all concrete challenges that were faced. Everyday, I spend hours with him pouring my heart and soul, and serenading him with my singing. He'd seen me cry, he'd seen me laugh, he'd seen the worst in me and the best in me, through hard times and good. But after all that, slowly he began to age. Gradually slowing down and seemingly unable to keep up with me. Maintaining his needs eventually became burdensome at times. Nourishing him and revitalising him proved taxing and straining our relationship as well.

Then my eyes began to stray. Another came into view and seduced me with his sleek curves, his efficacies, his prowess, and his tenacity. Every moment alone with him was temptation beyond imagination. When I'm alone with merely my thoughts of him, I am tempted to drop everything for him. I was willing to throw …

Apple Crumble-challenged

Makbed gave me this link for an Apple Crumble recipe. You might notice that whenever I do bake my 'specialty' is Apple Crumbelito. Why? Simply coz it's the easiest, least messiest and least confusing dessert recipe I've ever encountered. Seriously, some of my friends and family think it's hard, but it really is not. I am sure that if any of you were to take a look at how I do it, you'd be able to make your own personalised Apple Crumbelito in an instant.

But this apple crumble recipe is unique. It takes an additional step of cooking the apples together with the butter and cinnamon and sugar. Oooh... I can just imagine the richness! And the crumble, it looks more oaty than the 'bread-crumby' type that I always make. I sense an Apple Crumble challenge is afoot! So, since I'm feeling inspired, mm.. I wonder when I can hijack my mum's oven to bake this morsel? We'll see how my level of 'chiwi-ness' is when am in Hippo this weekend. :D


I Love it When...

...I have plenty of good things to look forward to. Seriously, I'm beginning to think that 2010 is not too bad a year. There were times in the beginning of the year when I thought, 'Oh damn, is this going to be another 2007?', but as time goes by and thanks to some fabulous people, my year is going on FABULOUSLY!

By end of this year, I am pretty sure that when I do my recap of the year entry it will be filled to the brim with goodness, happiness, and laughter. So much so that I could put aside the rainy days for forget. :D

August began with the coming of Ramadhan and since it began there was never a boring moment in my life. Let's not go to the topic of work because that's always a damper anyways. But now am not dreading my days at work as much since I have Makbed and Alphatin as company. We're 'there' for each other even when there's nothing in particular to talk about and it's just great to 'go to work' with your buddies. Am I blessed …

The Good in Life...

For the record, THESE are so good...

Pinkstar's homemade cornflakes cookies!

She gave me a taste of the ones she made one weekend. The cookies reminds me of the ones Subway sold in Perth. I miss yummy cookies!! Thanks babe.

Okay, back to the situation at hand. It's Tuesday, 24th August 2010. The trip to Lumut to see darling MAKBED and her family has passed with flying colours! Unfortunately, Cikinot couldn't join us at the last minute because of the flu. So it was just Alphatin, Jasper and I on the trip.

I'm not really up to writing much coz I have a migraine now. So I'll let the photos do most of the 'talking'...

Pengkalan Tentera Laut DiRaja Malaysia Lumut

Introducing Auni Alwani a.k.a. Oni-Chan!!



Alphatin and her Iced Lemon Tea

The celebratory cake - Chocolate Indulgence...

The celebratory CUPcakes. :D

Makbed, Oni-Chan & Inchi Kichi

My Twi-Hearts <3

The Rocku & Blackrose's Day!

WAHOOO! Today, 20th August, is Makbed's birthday. Yep, you remember her... the one with the BIG BROWN EYES who stays in Lumut. She is officially 27 today.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAKBED!!! (This photo is when she was 26 years, 11 months, 29 days old. Hehehehe!)

But as I said many times before, 27 is the new 25. I personally choose 25 as the age threshold to be in for a number of years. A lady hardly ever reveals her true age. Muahahaha!! Today is also her 2nd wedding anniversary so CONGRATULATIONS, to Makbed & hubby bubby!

The more exciting thing about this is we're going over to Lumut TODAY! We will be setting everything in motion right after work and seriously, Alphatin and I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HER!!!! Miss her to bits even though we 'talk' to each other everyday while at work. :D

And yesterday was also a great day to celebrate because it was ROCKUSAN'S BIRTHDAY!!! Rocku is Alphatin's baby brother and I have oft times 'borrowed' him as a little brother (si…

In the August Pipeline

Waaaa! It's already the middle of August. Where have the time gone?! It was only the previous entry that it was beginning of the month. Suddenly, we're faced with 17th August. Gaaah!!

But then, when I see 17th August, I know what it means too. It means there's only THREE days before we head out to Lumut to see our dear friend Liza J (glamour name Makbed). Miahahahaha!!! By the way, in case you didn't catch on 'we' here refers to Alphatin, Jasper, Cikinot and moi. :D

So anyways, life has not been without dramas. There is simply A LOT that has unravelled especially in the Alphatin and Jasper episode. All I could say is, whatever it is they have mine and Makbed's support. They have decided to... TIE THE KNOT!!!! Dum, dum, da-daaa (wedding march theme). And it comes with a whole baggage of drama for the two of them. HOWEVER, the determination is there and I'm confident they will get through all the havoc created by others. So ALL THE BEST TO THEM! More upda…

Knowing myself more

I have something on my mind which needs to be let out. Okay, generally I would say am a happy person (sheesh this is sounding so familiar). And a lot of people can see me in two ways:

1. A Happy-Go-Lucky joker who makes people all around her laugh out loud with her boisterousness and loudness and silly quips.
2. A serious no nonsense, 'What the hell d'ya want from me?' person who is cold, arrogant and unapproachable.

Now, the thing is I would say that 80 percent of the time I am person number 1. Especially when I am around people - friends, family, that sort. Those who know me can vouch for that. Or those who have seen me at my most relaxed state would say that too.

But there is still a part of me, especially when I get lost in thought or alone that I would be person number 2. This is when I become deep. I hold serious discussions and insights that are almost Dr. Phil-like. It's sometimes scary when I'm like this because this is the face I put on when I am at my w…

Leading to Ramadhan

It's the first day of Ramadhan!!

This means, no breakfast or lunches for a whole month, shopping, Buka Puasa sessions, Tarawikh, and friends and family time, no swearing and cursing, no going over the top crazy with excitement, Ramadhan Bazaar, etc. Wahooo!!!

SO... For this post, I decide to put up a pictorial update of the weekend prior to this holy month. Enjoy... :D

Jasper just got a new job so Alphatin and I bought cakes to celebrate it. Dum dee daa...!

Then we headed over to I-city in Shah Alam to check out what all thehype was about and for me to supposedly be introduced to Alphatin's colleague (that's a bust btw). It was majorly HOT and CROWDED but we made do with silly photos.

Pretty lighted Christmas Tree in AUGUST!

Pretty lights

Alphatin and I 'posing'

Alphatin looking slightly disgruntled by the night mode on her camera, which probably amused Jasper. ROFL!!!

Self portraits

On a makeshift 'tripod' to take this photo of three of us


After that, we were s…