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Premiering the Eclipse

The first week (technically) of July was uber awesome! Yeah, there was that one time when it was totally crappy (re: previous post) but the rest of the days after that was super numbed and filled with fun excitement.

The Eclipse premier of 7th July was FABULOUS. And in case you're wondering if I actually did dress up for Cosplay or if I'd chickened out - I totally rocked the Victoria character! Despite waking up on the 7th with a massive MASSIVE migraine (what I would imagine a hangover would be) and the bloody flu/phlegm creeping up in my nose and throat, I had a ginormous amount of happiness that day.

It all began with my super quick FORCED recovery from the migraine and flu. Then it was off to Alphatin's to kidnap her for the next two days. We were going fullscale for this premier so we got a pretty rad accommodation at Cikinot's spare apartment that night. After picking Alphatin up, off we were on our Eclipse adventure meeting Makbed along the way. She was a total bundle of joy and the moment we met, it was click haven! Seriously, there wasn't a moment when we wouldn't burst out laughing our heads off. After that, we looked for contact lenses to "authenticate" our Cosplay outfits. Despite my initial apprehension about sticking my finger to my eye, I caved in and bought green contacts for myself. Alphatin got honey coloured ones and Makbed a nice light brown ones to complement her BIG round eyes!

We set off home to my place to get into character. There, madness! We had less than 2 hours. I did the makeup for all three of us, and Makbed and Alphatin taught me how to stick my finger in my eye WITHOUT BLINKING, then Alphatin sprayed my hair red, which was absolutely hilariously cool, and I packed my knapsack SO FAST it was bloody amazing to my standards. We were out of the house by about 6pm (O_o) and prayed against hope that the roads of KL would be smooth flowing. Luckily, we used our road savviness and found good routes to follow and was in Pavillion 45 minutes later. AMA-ZING I KNOW!!

Convergence of the vamps was initially in Carl's Jr. The list of characters portrayed that night by our coven:

- Alphatin as Alice Cullen
- Aishah Shah as Bella (hence known)
- Cikinot as Jane
- Makbed as Rosalie
- Khalis as ... some vampire... Demitrius?? (is there such a character)
- Rocku as Aro (but he didn't register himself)
- Yours truly as Victoria

After that we made our way for Cosplay registration and Alphatin, Bella and myself were the first 3 to register. Hence, we got goodie bags there for being the first. :D

The next exciting thing was Alphatin, Bella and I are among the 13 finalist. Imagine that! Then it got even more exciting as Alphatin was shortlisted for the next 7 finalist. It got even more crazy exciting when... ALPHATIN WON!!!! She was SPOT ON truly a winner from the start. WAHOOO!!!

The winning stare. :D

The movie began after that, which was great by the way, followed by hungry vamps gathering at the Mamak for some night cap. We are dubbed "Vampire Malaysia minum Teh Tarik". Muahahaha! Oh, all this while still in character too. So imagine the stares we got. ROFLMAO worthy!

After sending Bella off, we headed on home to Cikinot's. But again, what do you get when there's a bunch of excited "little" girls under one roof. SLEEPING LATE! Chit chatting, laughing, viewing photos, and a few hours later at around 3am, I caved in after taking the cough syrup and flu meds.

In the morning, it was time to prepare for the "post Eclipse luncheon". Unfortunately, this didn't exactly go according to plan nor did we have the quorum expected. But we made good. I made my apple crumble at least and we gobbled up pizzas courtesy of Domino's. After Rocku's class, we dragged him along for movies and more lepaq session. The poor boy had to endure our hyperactiveness with only 15 minutes of sleep from the night before. But I'd like to think that we all had too much fun to bother about being tired. =D

After watching "Despicable Me", Alphatin totally slept in the cinema, we finally called it a night. Makbed was driving back to Lumut (that's where she stays), and me and the siblings made our way to drop Alphatin home followed by sending Rocku back. That was the perfect conclusion to our fantastic Eclipse premier. :)

Phew! And this is only the Eclipse section of the week. I'll continue on to the happenings of the weekend in the subsequent entries. Ciao!

Our custom made Volturi Coven hoodie


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