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Losing Weight and Having Fun!

This blog is turning into a sort of chronicle for my weight loss journey. I've been looking for several inspiring blogs of weight loss to keep myself motivated and driven. Frankly, it's not so hard to be motivated thus far. Every single time I am reminded of my digital weighing machine or everytime I see too much food on my plate or if I feel overly full after a meal, I think of my losing weight.

It's a different experience back when I first attempted to lose weight while I was a teenager. I used to do it for others rather than for myself without understanding the full importance or function of a well balanced meal. All I used to see when I looked at the "suggested" menu was, "I'm gonna starve!". And I feared the weighing machine because I knew I didn't put an effort with food control. Now, perhaps with maturity and a sense of self-responsibility I feel like I am in control of my situation. And fat is not going to be the definition of me anymore. I am determined to be healthier with a change of lifestyle, including a balanced food intake and regular exercise in my daily life.

I am also enjoying myself in the process without feeling horrible and miserable every single time I have my meals. I don't feel left out like I used to and I don't feel restricted to enjoy my meals. I still go out with family and friends but I choose quality and yummy food for added value. Understanding the basic concept and roles of each food group helped make this easier to manage. And although there is still a version of the "suggested" menu, because I have my own clear understanding of food and it's nutritious qualities, I can manipulate and experiment with food to mesh my love of food and my weight loss plan together.

But out of all of this, I realise that I may not develop a supermodel physique but I will happy and satisfied enough if I manage to get my weight under control knowing that I made an effort to change my outlook on food and exercise. Most importantly, I am still going to be me when this weight problem is finally overcame because I am not going to lose myself, just my weight.


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