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2nd Milestone and a Good Weekend!

Alphatin & Bella with our SEVEN tickets

Despite being sick throughout the whole week last week, I did have something to celebrate about. On Saturday, I reached my second milestone in my weight loss journey! It may be because I was dog sick all the while, but I'll take that advantage over anything at this stage just to feel better.

So after my official weigh in on Saturday morning, I told Makbed and Alphatin that I was going to give myself room to celebrate. And it would materialise in the form of McDonald's and ice cream!! Now, I was still coughing my arse off and should still stay away from anything cold or oily, but one McChicken burger and an ice cream cone wouldn't hurt... so much. Muahahaha!!!!

This celebration would be on Sunday when I meet Alphatin, Jasper and Cikinot for our second viewing of Eclipse. Before the movie, we met up for Karaoke. Yep, in our state of sickness and coughing and lack of singing voice (for me, Jasper and Alphatin), we slogged on through just to get the bug out of our system. It was, bar none, THE worst karaoke session EVER but we had too much fun to bother about who sang the best or worst. ROFL!!!

After karaoke, we made our way to Borders to check out some books and Twilight merchandise. And after that, we were off to McD's for FOOD!! I was finally going to get my burger and ice cream. But seriously, it was really difficult to finish that Chicken burger. And the french fries, I just let Cikinot, Alphatin and Jasper to take care of that. But the ICE CREAM was HEAVEN... *Mmmmmm*

Then we made our way to the Cinema and met with Bella and her friend, then waited for Alphatin's colleague, then waited for our organiser to give us our tickets. Before long, movie tiiiimee! Yes, the movie is still as good as the first time around watching it. We hung out a little after the movie for dinner. But we all had to face reality sooner or later so we all decided to call it a night and head on home into the rain...

All in all, a SICK happy weekend achieved. :)


makbed said…
satu je gambo?
Shugabelle said…
gambor ade banyak lagi tapi dah masuk dlm fb. Hehehe. da tengok kan???

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