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Okay, this is what I'm going through in the sleep department. I go to bed super duper tired; fall asleep for a little while; and then wake up and toss and turn for HOURS; drift off to sleep in the last few moments before my alarm clock rings; wake up super duper super TIRED.

So where does it leave me? Stoned. Most of the day and trying to put on a brave front as if I'm all alert and conscious especially when I have to work.

It's been going on like this since a few weeks back I think. I can't really remember when this pattern started but I do know that I have a problem "switching off". When I have things on my mind or if I happen to be hyper or very, very tired, my brain goes on OVERDRIVE and I would be thinking of anything and everything. Thing is, I have no idea what's going on in my mind these days. They're incoherent thoughts. Ideas that float in at that last moment before slumber and it will drift back louder than ever in the middle of my REM cycl…

2nd Milestone and a Good Weekend!

Alphatin & Bella with our SEVEN tickets
Despite being sick throughout the whole week last week, I did have something to celebrate about. On Saturday, I reached my second milestone in my weight loss journey! It may be because I was dog sick all the while, but I'll take that advantage over anything at this stage just to feel better.

So after my official weigh in on Saturday morning, I told Makbed and Alphatin that I was going to give myself room to celebrate. And it would materialise in the form of McDonald's and ice cream!! Now, I was still coughing my arse off and should still stay away from anything cold or oily, but one McChicken burger and an ice cream cone wouldn't hurt... so much. Muahahaha!!!!

This celebration would be on Sunday when I meet Alphatin, Jasper and Cikinot for our second viewing of Eclipse. Before the movie, we met up for Karaoke. Yep, in our state of sickness and coughing and lack of singing voice (for me, Jasper and Alphatin), we slogged on through ju…

Paid for the Weekend with my Health

This whole week has been HORRIBLE! 

There's always at least once a year that I would fall SO SICK that I would be rendered bed-bound until I can get back on my feet again. And it's not necessarily the same illness every year. But this year, the FLU came to me like a tornado. 
How it began...
Well, where do I even begin? I guess I have been playing kite with falling sick since the beginning of July. This whole month, it's been touch and go with migraine one moment, cold the next, sorethroat right after and who could forget my sprained ankle (a touch of clumsiness to top it all off). So I've been in and out of the clinic every so often and every single time, I've managed to 'curb' my falling sicker. That is until last weekend.
I had one of THE BEST weekends with my friends Alphatin, Jasper and Rocku doing movie marathons at a HOTEL courtesy of Alphatin's brother. On Saturday I went swimming, had loads of laughs, watched movie after movie, slept in the wee sma…

Ships of Friends...

Can we be a little serious now?

I don't get it. I have friends who think I am neglecting and forgetting them? Just because I have been hanging out with my good friend from SCHOOL and her BROTHER and COUSIN and making some new friends along the way. haih... sorry. Really, I'm just sorry.

Maybe I did get caught up on hanging out with them for the past few weeks. But it's only because we had lots of things happening in succession with each other. It all started with the Twilight thing anyways. But to say that about my schoolmate is not true at all. We have been hanging out from time to time. Just not as often as this past 2 months.

I didn't know that I can't have fun with others. I thought we understood that. That eventhough we don't see each other so often that we'd still remain good friends. That you're free to go on with your life and I am free to go on with mine. Pick up where we left off as if no time has passed whenever we do meet up. Be spontaneous…

Weak ankles, I have

This is what happened to me on Monday night...

After break fasting (still have a long way to go on replacing them) with mum's simple yet oh-so-yummy cooking, I happily hopped on my x-trainer after what seemed a lifetime. After doing about half an hour of it, while watching 'Chowder' and 'The Miss Adventures of Flapjack' (yes, am still a cartoon buff), I hopped off it feeling great and was just waiting to cool myself down. So while doing that, I remembered that the house wasn't in lockdown yet. Went up the stairs to my room to get the housekeys and made my way downstairs again to lock up. Without any rhyme or reason, and eventhough I could see my mum's shoes at the bottom of the stairs, my brain insisted that my left foot step on it. Adamant on NOT avoiding it! Damn... next thing you know, there goes my ankle going honky dory. But the funny thing was, at that point in time I hardly felt any pain. Went about my business locking up and even ran up the stairs f…

Blurred Evidence of Fun!

Okay, as a continuation from the Eclipse premier outing...

Now, Khalis (we have to find him a pseudo name for my blog.. AH!! Jasper! Makbed thought he looked a little like Jasper Hale), okay, so Jasper is defined by Alphatin as coming from the musically inclined side of the family, where as Alphatin is from the tech family. Being that, Jasper told us that he got free VIP (must stress on the VIP) tickets to a charity concert featuring Bunkface and Hujan (local indie rock bands). This was to happen on Saturday night at Live Centre KL.

I'm not a huge fan of the two groups but I have heard a few of their songs. Same goes for Alphatin and Rocku. But can't say the same for Jasper though nor for Irah (hence known as Bree), Jasper's adorable lil sister.

When we got to the venue, we were expecting DROVES of fans to pack the scene. But it wasn't full house. Even so, KUDOS to the two bands. They really rocked the house and gave a stellar performance. Whatever little songs we kn…

Premiering the Eclipse

The first week (technically) of July was uber awesome! Yeah, there was that one time when it was totally crappy (re: previous post) but the rest of the days after that was super numbed and filled with fun excitement.

The Eclipse premier of 7th July was FABULOUS. And in case you're wondering if I actually did dress up for Cosplay or if I'd chickened out - I totally rocked the Victoria character! Despite waking up on the 7th with a massive MASSIVE migraine (what I would imagine a hangover would be) and the bloody flu/phlegm creeping up in my nose and throat, I had a ginormous amount of happiness that day.

It all began with my super quick FORCED recovery from the migraine and flu. Then it was off to Alphatin's to kidnap her for the next two days. We were going fullscale for this premier so we got a pretty rad accommodation at Cikinot's spare apartment that night. After picking Alphatin up, off we were on our Eclipse adventure meeting Makbed along the way. She was a tota…

Today... isn't the best day

Today is turning out to be a rather crap-tastic day. Maybe it's just the cosmic way of balancing such excitement that's been happening and happening soon. Either way, it's sucking to high heaven.

Today I woke up for Sahor (fasting again) with a sniffle and a cough. Soon after my nose was blocked entirely and sleep became elusive until a while after. The alarm clock to get up for work couldn't go off soon enough; just when I was drifting into a dreamless slumber.

Today I went to work and the sniffles and cough continued on. Throat feeling raw but was too excited to think about it. Tomorrow is Eclipse movie premier!

Today loads of crap people tried to make life a total misery for me at work. Felt angry at the world and just wanted to go home and hide away.

Today I made THAT call to know the impending decision. It wasn't good news.

Today I burst into tears the moment I spoke to my parents. It wasn't pretty and I felt shattered to the core of my existence. Mum and…

Legendary Princess

Do you know who this is?

She's Cinderella!
Her name was Ilene Woods and she was the Disney Legend who voiced Walt Disney's darling Princess, Cinderella. I recently found out that she has since passed on on the 1st of July 2010 at the ripe old age of 81 due to Alzheimer's Disease. Even though I never really cared who the voice behind the face was before this, I can't help but feel a little sentimental for the songstress who sang lovely songs such as 'A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes', 'So This is Love' and 'Sing Sweet Nightingale'. May she rest in peace and forever be remembered as a Disney Princess.

Eclipsed by Happy-ness!

The weekend was AWESOME!

I had such a fun time shopping for Cosplay with Alphatin, Roku and Khalis (their cousin) in Berjaya Times Square, and the best part was we were all successful in finding the items for our costume at budget prices! I tell ya, this place is a diamond in the rough. Whoever thought that there were SO MANY of these weird Harajuku-ish, goth-ish clothes and accessories for the taking in that huge shopping mall! I admit, I don't give this place enough credit for starters but it was AMA-ZIIIiiING...!

We prepared ourselves by researching photos of the Twilight characters and making a list of things to get for the competition. And then Khalis told us about the shops in Berjaya Times Square, so on Saturday afternoon we headed over there. We had oodles of laughs and great energy walking around and being GOBSMACKED by the abundance of things there. Man, we were on a roll! And with all that we managed to get on Saturday, we're all pretty sure that we'd win at l…

Countdown to a Special Screening

Weeee!! It's Friday. Seriously, THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY because I am SO tired. I think my body is so ready for the weekend because I had an especially hard time waking up this morning for work. Never been a morning person anyways. Hehe.


In 6 days time, this is what's coming... *drumroll*

And the great thing about this is, for the REST of the country it will come out on the 8th of July but for Twilighters Malaysia we get to watch it one day earlier. So on the 7th of July, I will be reunited with the Twilight Saga. Jeng, jeng, jennngggg!!!! Actually, I'm not a Twilighter. My buddies Alphatin and Cikinot are. I am just following the ride. They get to purchase exclusive preview tickets for the premier of the movie plus goodie bags. And guess what, there's even going to be a Cosplay competition. "Cosplay" - it's actually a costume competition.

The lot of us, Alphatin, Rocku (Alphatin's lil bro), Cikinot, and I are going …

Losing Weight and Having Fun!

This blog is turning into a sort of chronicle for my weight loss journey. I've been looking for several inspiring blogs of weight loss to keep myself motivated and driven. Frankly, it's not so hard to be motivated thus far. Every single time I am reminded of my digital weighing machine or everytime I see too much food on my plate or if I feel overly full after a meal, I think of my losing weight.

It's a different experience back when I first attempted to lose weight while I was a teenager. I used to do it for others rather than for myself without understanding the full importance or function of a well balanced meal. All I used to see when I looked at the "suggested" menu was, "I'm gonna starve!". And I feared the weighing machine because I knew I didn't put an effort with food control. Now, perhaps with maturity and a sense of self-responsibility I feel like I am in control of my situation. And fat is not going to be the definition of me anymore.…