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Me-1, The Bulge-0

I have become somewhat obsessed with my little weight loss project. And I think it's good to be a little obsessed about it. Paranoia helps in this first few months of the journey. The last thing I want is to be complacent and thinking, "Oh, I've lost 5 kilos so I deserve reward myself", without having a stopping point at the end. I think I have "rewarded" myself enough now but I really need to get back on track. Some friends have told me to celebrate this achievement but seriously, this is just a mini achievement and you know what they say, winning the battle doesn't guarantee winning the war.

While I am thrilled to be losing the first milestone, I am still paranoid that I may gain back some of the kilos lost throughout this week. Oh food, why must you be my undoing? Yes, I still love food a lot! I don't think I will ever stop loving it. But like one article I read (have been reading quite a few lately), don't call it a diet but instead call it …

First milestone achieved!

I've finally managed to lose 5 kilograms of weight. That's equivalent to 11 lbs! All in the span 5 weeks from the moment I got super serious about losing weight. :D

I now have 104 days before D-day. WAHOOO!!! (I know you still don't know what's D-day. Hehehe!) Let's hope that I can accelarate this weight loss more starting this week. I have a "secret weapon" that is au naturale. Hehehe. Nah, actually I just need to fast - replacing the days which I missed last year during Ramadhan. I have to clear up another SIXTEEN days! O_o" Yes, that is a lot but I was going through some unusual cycles last year which made that happen. This plus the fact that Ramadhan is upcoming too means yay-ness in the weight loss department.

So anyways, apart from this loss, I am suffering from a slight constipation. Seriously, I need to get more water into my system rather than all the beverages I've been guzzling down during the weekend since Mak's birthday happened an…

Family Ties

Again, an episode of "It's Been A While".

The previous post showed me to be a wrecking ball of emotional mess. I put the blame on those hormone pills and the monthly red spells. It was just plain "un-pretty". I had one of the worst period pains ever and it lasted longer than normal too. Oh the pains!! But I live through it. THANK GOD!

Then, I had emotionally charged with frustration weeks at work this month. Still not a happy camper and would probably never be for so long as I'm still in this hell hole. Seriously, I am losing money every single day that I am here! Gosh, I pray to GOD that I would get a new job soon. Sigh...

But despite these things, I am grateful for my family. Truly!

When my parents were away in the UK for two weeks, I felt so alone and lost. The moment they're back, everything seems to look better and be okay. When I'm at home, I really am at peace. I may suffer through 9-10 hours a day while at work, but the moment I get home I becom…

Me vs. The Bulge

I found it! I found a reliable-looking digital weighing machine. All thanks to buddies who were willing to go around One Utama today in my whims of looking for a weighing machine.
Since I now know the price, I will somehow get it (if it's within my spending budget) this month. Otherwise, it'll wait till next month. :D
As far as my eating habits go, I would say it has changed. I haven't touched McD's, KFC, Pizza Hut or Dominos in three weeks now. The diet is approaching the completion of its first month and I'm rather glad I started it. Now, not only do I feel great physically, taking better care of myself, and saving money in the process, I might actually succeed in my lifelong battle of the bulge!
I feel like screaming, "Look out world! I'm coming out. It is just a matter of time." :D

Feeling Exasperated Lately

As much as I want to resist the temptation, I just have to declare that this week is a "Feeling Exasperated" week for me especially when it comes to work.

In terms of life, I totally love it and enjoying it since I have wonderful people in them. Friends turn out to be real life savers since my support system are still in merry ol' UK until this Sunday. But work. is. a. living. NIGHTMARE!

Yeap, have been having episode after episode of annoyance at work. I know I shouldn't care but it's hard because I am still here without any other place to go, and until then I cannot make a ruckus. Okay, even if I do have a place to go, still shouldn't make a ruckus.

Anyways, I am getting agitated and I really need GOD's help in getting another job now. *looks heavenward*

In any case, I MUST get a job offer by July the latest so that I can successfully execute my Perth trip in October. Amin...!

131 to D-Day!

It's 1st June 2010 and I now have 131 days left before D-day. What is D-day?? Nope, still keeping mum about it for now. Made a promise. But I will reveal it in due course.

So after last Saturday's emo-fest, I decided to be more positive and make the most out of whatever I have accomplished so far. I tell myself, yeah, you didn't lose as much as I wanted to but the main thing is I lost something. And that is better than nothing 10 times more.

I've hijacked my brother's glider exercise machine thingy-ma-jig last Friday night and by GOD, I actually lifted the bloody thing from my car into the house all by myself! But I have to say, it's totally worth the effort. I have strategically placed it in front of the tele with the full intention that I can watch tv AND exercise at the same time. So on Saturday, I hopped on it hoping to do a set of 20 minutes or half hour with Mr. Bean the Animated Series as my company. But, 10 minutes in the session, I was sweating buckets! …