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Talking about FOOD!

It's been a while since I revisited the 'losing weight' segment of my existence. I once wrote about how a brazen careerist jolted me up to face my demons and my determination to lose my excess weight. I began quite religiously to go on my weekend brisk walks back in November last year and also laced with swimming on occassion. But by February of this year, it came to an almost stand still. Work got in the way of my preserved energy for weekend walks that all I could do was to sleep in on weekends if I didn't have anywhere else to wander off to. Suffice to say for the past three months, things have been rather full to the brim that I could only steal snippets of moments for myself. Before long, suddenly it's May and I haven't even come close to being moderately normal sized!

So last Saturday, I saw a nutritionist. Telling her what I eat on weekdays was bizarre because I actually had to recount what I consume on a daily basis. The conclusion is, my food intakes although are relatively not a lot, is weirded out by the a) quality of food eaten, and b) timing. Here's the lowdown;

- My breakfast habit = dinner habit (coz I skip it due to lack of appetite)
- My lunch habit = normal lunch habit
- My dinner habit = breakfast habit (coz I tend to eat the most to compensate for the hunger throughout the day)
- I don't snack much (which is 1 demon down), but I also don't drink enough water
- When it comes to vege, I only eat Veg that I like and I don't like most types
- Fruits are a luxury coz they rot the fastest and I cannot afford to buy fruits AND eat them fast enough before they go bad.
- Exercise is very sparse.

THEREFORE, the nutritionist advised me on a few things, which I find is interesting and useful:

- Whatever food we eat, be it fish, chicken, vege (although this can be more to compensate for the lack of carbs & protein) should be no bigger than the palm of your hand, in size. Meaning, if you're eating a fish, make sure that the size of the fish is the same size as your palm, which is quite big considering my palm!

- To address my problem with no appetite for breakfast, she told me to start with half a glass of warm water and build up gradually to having milo -> cereal drinks -> oats or fruits or yoghurt. This is to avoid from getting gastric.

- For lunch, if I have to eat at the mamak stall, go for mixed rice -> half plate of rice, lots of vege, something protein like fish or chicken or seafood. Options: Mee Hoon soup with lotsa vege, chapati (if any), naan bread and tandoori chicken. Sandwiches and salads work too. I also have to cut down on the curries, etc. Oh, and also avoid fast food as much as possible.

- Then I told her about my hunger at the strike of 5.30pm everyday at work. What I normally do is I'd suck it in until I reach home and hoover down dinner at 8.30pm or 9.00pm (late I know). So the nutritionist said, bring an apple or whatever fruits from home, or get some soy bean milk or yoghurt or even milk to curb the hunger. Stay away from crackers because apparently 3 pieces of cream crackers is equivalent to quarter plate of rice. WHOA much!

- For dinner, again if I have to eat rice -> halved, lotsa vege and more on the protein. I can substitute rice with salads and sandwiches or chapati or naan. The aim is to get more protein and vege in the system to compensate for the lesser carb intake. This way, I won't feel starved or even super tired!

- As for the water issue, I told the nutritionist that I would drink most water at night. Ladies, this isn't good for us due to water retention. Our bodies don't work as hard as it does in the day time. The metabolism rate is slower which makes sense if we can eat lightly. The body won't have to work extra time to break it down. So the nutritionist said, try to drink at least a glass of water per hour while at work which would allow me to reach 2 litres a day. I'm still working on this coz I've only managed 3 big mugs yesterday while at work = max 700ml. VERY BAD!

- Fruits -> I need to get fruits that will last a whole week; i.e. apples (aha!), pears, oranges, kiwis (if I can afford them), the occassional bananas and if I can, papayas too. I should lessen my intake of persimmons, sweet mangoes, durians (which I don't fancy much anyways), jackfruits (rare commodity in my books), ciku, and whatever types of fruits which have lots of sweetness in them.

Aside from facing the nutritionist, I also saw a clip on Youtube by this GORGEOUS man in the UK who is a makeup artist. His name is Wayne Goss and his handle is gossmakeupartist. His background initially (apparently) is on nutrition and fitness, and in his video he was talking about... NUTRITION. I thought his explanation was brilliant and made me not so scared about dieting. His take on it is... we can consume as much protein as we can because our body has a mechanism that can tell it when it's had enough protein. But when it comes to carbs, we can just go on and on and on! Like eating 10 hardboiled eggs successively vs. eating a packet of biscuits. Then he said that proteins are useful for the body because they have regenerative elements in them - it reproduces hormones, bones, muscles, tissue repairs, etc. But carbs is only as fuel for the body and the body only uses so much. When we overindulge on carbs, what happens is the energy which are in excess would be stored away for later use as FATS! This is where we develop the spare tyres because we do not use them fast enough. He said a lot of other things as well but these are some highlights which made an impact on me.

In his view, it is better to be overweight but healthy with a good diet and metabolism, than it is to be thin and UNHEALTHY. Or I suppose in my case, overweight AND unhealthy. I can appreciate this; I've gone through a few 'diet' attempts myself and all quite wrongly and unhealthily. So this time, I will be dieting the right way. I'm in my DAY 2 now. Moving forward, I've just got to move my arse to keep exercising. Wish me luck! :D


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