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Where art thou, Mind?

Check this out, gang.


That's stress talking, right there!

I know I shouldn't succumb to a lot of emo stuff and mix it around with work. But I just can't help it right now. My mind is a jumbled mess and I cannot BREATHE! Really. I have lost my ability to think straight. Let's not even start talking about seeing straight! I wake up every morning dreading the day ahead and I am almost to TEARS everytime I get near the office. Work is really overtaking my life with hardly any amusement whatsoever.

Sure, sometimes in the day there are some fun excitement. Most of the time though, it's like I am an infection under wraps waiting to explode. And you-know-who is CONSTANTLY making me feel like the infection by putting me under the microscope all day long.

It's never enough is it? It's like I do one thing great and ten thousand other things come flooding in, and the moment there's a slip up, I'm being picked on to the brink of breaking down. Honestly, I am hanging on by my tiny finger until I actually, physically bawl my eyes out.

Almost sounded like a whiny bitch during a meeting just now when I said, rather vehemently that I actually want to take next week off. THE WHOLE WEEK! Which really is only three days because of the CNY break. But I know, and everyone else knows, that I can't. SO HOW?!! Maybe I can just apply for it but see if I can really take the whole lot or come back halfway. SHITE! I hate this "I need a break, but I know if I take it, I'll feel guilty and my work will come to a standstill and I will have hell to pay to NO END! " feeling. *CRIESSSSSS*


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