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My Definition of Contentment

The past few weeks have been quite eventful for me. Well, definitively more eventful for my mundane day-to-day life. I don't lead the most glamorous, whirlwind and fast-paced existence so it's quite a thrill when things actually happen.

I've been keeping myself busy doing at least one thing a day. Sometimes I fail miserably but most days, it's not too bad. I've learned not to wait for anyone if I want to do something - be it as simple as going out shopping, or catching a movie. I think I've used that excuse for far too long that it eventually disguised my laziness.

So, things that have happened since February began and still ongoing...

1) Went home to Hippo for the Chinese New Year/Valentine's Day long weekend. That was a hoot! I was stuck in the traffic jam all the way from Reality to Hippo for 4 hours! And then again when it was time to go back to Reality only that time was 3 hours. While in Hippo, I relished on the relaxation, the heat, the love and the food. It was just what I needed after a few months of non-stop work and no play. Mak & Bapak was my perfect Valentine and I was SO glad to be with them. We went to Kuala Kangsar on V-day for lunch (I mean, how cool is that?! To travel some place just for lunch), went around the town sightseeing a little too. When we got home, I caught up on some reading and lazed around without a care in the world. BUT, I did have a scare that day. Bapak suddenly had an instinct that he forgot to take his medicine that morning. So for a short while, we were on high alert calling his doctor and making sure that he did forget so that he wouldn't experience overdose or something like that. Thankfully, by dinner time he was all better and the next morning, he was even well enough (despite also having a cold) to go for golf.

It was a lovely long weekend which made leaving home all the more difficult and emotional. Even so, I had other things to look forward to too.

2) Reunion with my best friend, Mae, and meeting her fiance, James. Well, since they got engaged anyways. It was a REALLY good fun day. It started with swimming at Mae's house, just us girls while James sleep off the late night before and no doubt we got to talking about everything under the sun. And then it was time for lunch before meeting with the rest of the girls from way back in school. We spent HOURS just catching up and finding out who's dating whom and who's getting engaged/married and people getting preggers and having kids. Y'know, usual things we'd talk about after 10 years since school ended. Gosh, TEN YEARS. Has it been that long?

And before long, I sent Mae & James home for their next friends meet up adventure. I missed them the moment they stepped out of the car. But I'm all the more excited and determined to make 'Perth Trip 2010' happen so that I can spend more time with them. *warmfuzzies*

3) Remember that guy? Food Boy. He finally called! :D And asked me to join him for a walk in the 'park'. Actually more like jungle but nonetheless, it's more than any other guys have asked me to. It's not like a date or anything. Because if it was, he'd probably be willing to pick me up - So I didn't go. It's not my fault - I didn't know how to get there!!! Really. Admittedly, I'm not the most adventurous or nature-inclined girl but I would go. Haha.

Anyways, since then he's been around. Not that he called again since last Friday night but we've communicated via email. Yep. Also, I believe he indicated that I should totally go with him for the jungle tracking thing, whenever that is.

Ooh! The best part - prior to the call.

Last Thursday, as I was going home from work, I was pleasantly surprised by seeing him waiting for me just outside the office! It looked like he was waiting for me but it could be that we just happened to bump into one another. But we had a little chat for about 5 minutes before parting ways. That was exciting. *giggles*

4) I had a lovely weekend indulging on things that I wanted to do. I cooked, I read, I napped, I went to a flee market, I bought a book, I spent time with Buffy & BIL, I hung out with Syaza; and eventhough that sounded very subtle for a weekend it was still a form of contentment for me. :)

Not bad eh?


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