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My Definition of Contentment

The past few weeks have been quite eventful for me. Well, definitively more eventful for my mundane day-to-day life. I don't lead the most glamorous, whirlwind and fast-paced existence so it's quite a thrill when things actually happen.

I've been keeping myself busy doing at least one thing a day. Sometimes I fail miserably but most days, it's not too bad. I've learned not to wait for anyone if I want to do something - be it as simple as going out shopping, or catching a movie. I think I've used that excuse for far too long that it eventually disguised my laziness.

So, things that have happened since February began and still ongoing...

1) Went home to Hippo for the Chinese New Year/Valentine's Day long weekend. That was a hoot! I was stuck in the traffic jam all the way from Reality to Hippo for 4 hours! And then again when it was time to go back to Reality only that time was 3 hours. While in Hippo, I relished on the relaxation, the heat, the love and the foo…

Where art thou, Mind?

Check this out, gang.

That's stress talking, right there!

I know I shouldn't succumb to a lot of emo stuff and mix it around with work. But I just can't help it right now. My mind is a jumbled mess and I cannot BREATHE! Really. I have lost my ability to think straight. Let's not even start talking about seeing straight! I wake up every morning dreading the day ahead and I am almost to TEARS everytime I get near the office. Work is really overtaking my life with hardly any amusement whatsoever.

Sure, sometimes in the day there are some fun excitement. Most of the time though, it's like I am an infection under wraps waiting to explode. And you-know-who is CONSTANTLY making me feel like the infection by putting me under the microscope all day long.

It's never enough is it? It's like I do one thing great and ten thousand other things come flooding in, and the moment there's a slip up, I'm being picked on to the brink of breaking dow…

As I Ponder...

Sometimes, the everyday things in life that happens makes me wonder if it would lead to something bigger. Grander. Destiny.

My family and friends know me for one who has never really paid much heed about matters of the heart. Preferring to be nonchalant about it most of the time. They also know that in all my 26 years of life, I've never even been in a romantic relationship with a man. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about... love.

The last few... I'm not even sure when it actually began, someone's been giving me some particular attention. Rather unexpectedly, I must confess. The kind of attention that is rather pleasant. Courtingly. Could it be that I've met someone?

I really can't say. At least not yet.

It started with him indicating that he'd ask me out some time, although until today he hasn't asked me for my digits. Then he packed me food which he bought at lunch time but passed to me through a medium. And yesterday, he did it again and openly…

A Start of Something?

Dear Zen,

Today, he called my number at work.

I had taken a sick leave the day before and so I was totally surprised when not only did he called to asked how I was doing but also knew what I was suffering from. Oh it's nothing to fuss over but it was really nice that a fella actually was concerned over how I was.

That's all to 'preview' about for now. Haven't got much else to tell in this subject but at least it's a start of something.

Finally! And update from moi. :)