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The weekend I lost my face...

No, I didn't lose face or anything like that. I just lost my face shape, tis all. Why? Well, I went for a minor surgery to extract my wisdom tooth. I mentioned this before and was trying to psych myself until the day arrives. Inevitably of course, because no one can stop father time, 12th December 2009 came. What's worse, 10.00am came! That's the particular date and time that I was scheduled to have the surgery.

The night before, I had a long day at work and an even longer dinner so that I could enjoy talking and eating in peace and comfort. Well, at least until I heal completely. So back to the story at
hand, my parents were nice enough to accompany me to the dental clinic. Sort of to give moral support, which I am so grateful for. When I stepped into the clinic, I was the only patient for that morning. A sudden chill and nervousness hit me. It felt surreal! Me? Going for a surgery to take out my wisdom tooth?? Get outta here! But it was. I had no other way to deny it anymore. Especially when I was being called into the room where the surgery was to take place and was speaking directly to the surgeon.

He started by doing the x-ray on my impacted tooth then began to tell me t
he risks involved with the procedure. It sounded kinda serious because it involved injured/severed nerves. He said that usually people would chicken out from the procedure because of the risks. Apparently, if he hit a nerve near the lip, I would lose feeling of the lip for 6 to 18 months. But if he hit the tongue nerve, it would be permanent. I guess, it would mean I wouldn't be able to taste for the rest of my life? Then, after he was done explaining the risks and ensuring that there was only 0.03% chance of that happening, I wide-eyed-ly asked him, "How many procedures have you done?"

Yeah, I did. I guess he thought that was amusing so he answered, "quite a few". I mean he was a surgeon with BRACES for GOD's sake! So with that.... assurance... we began officially. As I was seated at the dentist chair, the nurse initially wanted to just cover my head with that shower cap
thingies. But the surgeon overruled and told me that he was just going to cover my whole head. Sorta to blindfold me. Next thing I know, I couldn't see anything. Then, he injected me with the anesthesia and soon could almost not feel anything. Not even when he was CLEARLY yanking my mouth to the side so that he could see the impacted tooth. Oih!

So after about 30 minutes of drillings and scrapings and yanking and tugging, it was all done. The bottom tooth that is. Next he moved on to the top tooth. Aiyaiyai... He injected me. Again. And... POP! All done. Wha?! Yeah, the top tooth was just a normal extraction. But still a shocking pop.

I got home after that and seriously, I. was. in. AGONY! Yes, the dentist gave me painkillers right after the procedure, yes, I still had the numbness, yes, I've been given a whole lot more painkillers to last me a few days. But the pain kept coming and no matter what I tried to do (distract myself, read, sleep, or just plain phase out) it wouldn't go away! I was so close to bawling my eyes out. But I knew that even THAT would've been useless. I just had to suffer through it.

Meanwhile, my cheek ballooned. Like a real balloon. And this is what I looked like all through the weekend...

Now, four days after the fact, I'm still slightly swollen but at least I could eat better, as in open my mouth bigger. *grins*

So that's the story of my wisdom teeth extraction. It took the wisdom right out of me, fer sure!

p/s: Did I mention that the surgeon was kinda cute? Mwahaha!!!


Justine said…
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sayanora said…
You still look pretty, swollen face and all!
Shugabelle said…
Sayanora: Thanks sweets. :)

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