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Kudos for 'Avatar'

James Cameron did it this time. He really did it, I tell ya! I mean, if you thought 'Titanic' was epic enough, well... 'Avatar' topped it off HANDS DOWN! (And I'm not even a real fan of Titanic).

I just want to post this short update during the Christmas weekend on how I felt after watching 'Avatar' in 2D. If anyone wanted a definition of brilliance, creative genius, and mind blowing visual orgasm, the answer would be James Cameron's 'Avatar'.


The weekend I lost my face...

No, I didn't lose face or anything like that. I just lost my face shape, tis all. Why? Well, I went for a minor surgery to extract my wisdom tooth. I mentioned this before and was trying to psych myself until the day arrives. Inevitably of course, because no one can stop father time, 12th December 2009 came. What's worse, 10.00am came! That's the particular date and time that I was scheduled to have the surgery.

The night before, I had a long day at work and an even longer dinner so that I could enjoy talking and eating in peace and comfort. Well, at least until I heal completely. So back to the story at hand, my parents were nice enough to accompany me to the dental clinic. Sort of to give moral support, which I am so grateful for. When I stepped into the clinic, I was the only patient for that morning. A sudden chill and nervousness hit me. It felt surreal! Me? Going for a surgery to take out my wisdom tooth?? Get outta here! But it was. I had no other way to deny it anym…

"Vampires are HAWT!"

That was what a bunch of us girls agreed on when we went for Maus' birthday dinner last night in 'Frames', TTDI. There were Maus, her cousin Lyn, her friends Aishah & Yan, Put3 and Syaza. Basically, about half of the dinner party were people who I've met for the very first time. But by the middle of dinner, we were absolutely laughing our heads off and having a jolly great time. Then Yan and I got to talking about, what else, Twilight. Initially it was just me and Yan having a chat about it, while the others talk about... stuff (we all had bubble conversations with each other). Then we started to include the rest when 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel' were mentioned. That was when we came to the conclusion that conclusion. 'nuff said. We agreed that although Twilight is a different kind of breed of Vampires and not everyone's cuppa tea but the bottom line is that particular kind of demon (or whatever you wanna call it) are plain HOT!!!

Team Edward!!

The past weekend was great! I wish to have more weekends like it.

Basically, I had an almost all Twilight weekend. No, I'm not going Rob Pattinson-mad; I am Edward Cullen-mad. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I finally finished the first book of the Twilight Saga. Tried to delay the inevitable ending of the book as long as I could because I don't have the next books lined up as yet. But I just couldn't resist. I knew there was a reason why I didn't want to start reading Twilight when I first got the book a year ago. Up until last weekend, it was still in its plastic cover.

Plus, I saw 'New Moon'!! GAHHHHHhhh... I thought it was good! I can feel the aura ALL around me. I was supposed to go for 'New Moon' with Syaza but she couldn't make it. Then lo and behold, Buffy & BIL sent me an sms saying we were going for 'New Moon' and I had better be there or be "Squarepants". LOL! Of course, I willingly went along with the plan and ahhhh... I don't c…