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Where did the weight go??

I wrote earlier how this one Brazen Careerist wrote about the connection between work and weight. And as a result of that it got me thinking about ways to make losing weight (the right way) happen for me. I have been at my wits end about this for a very long time. Simply because, it seemed like I am losing "fat" but my weight is still stuck somewhere. When I try on clothes from yester years, I seem to fit better now than I did last time. They're somehow more roomy and comfy (probably from the stretching throughout the years??). But in the instance of my Kurungs and Kebayas, which is not worn frequently except on special occassions or to work, I could easily slip into them without noticing any new bulge appearing or any tearing at the seams. This is usually even more so obvious right after Eid. I seemed to have lost a fair bit of "weight" from my appearance. But my dilemma starts when I step on the weighing scale...

That needle, oh that confounded needle, would tell me a whole different story. According to it, I not only have not lost any weight but instead have managed to put on MORE. I don't get it!

So this few days since November began (gosh how time flies), amidst the craziness of work (some news on that later), I started to "draw" up a little plan to find out exactly where the issue lies and how I can counter them. Clearly, my own style of "dieting" isn't working for me so I have decided to come up with a food diary. A 'diary' that is brutally honest about listing what I eat and when I ate them on a daily basis. This way, I can see when exactly am I indulging and the amount of food consumed. So far, I can tell that I indulge mostly during dinner time (duhh).

Next, EXERCISE. I did say I wanted to rejoin the gym. But not all plans work out (no pun intended). Seeing as how my capability to sustain the payments is low this year, I have put it on hold yet again. However, I figured, I can't keep doing that and blaming money and time for it. I mean others with less capability could keep themselves fit, why can't I? So I borrowed some inspiration from the people I drive past every morning at the playground and envisioned myself doing it on weekends. As much as I hate jogging, I think I have to actually do it. Besides, jogging around that playground shouldn't be too tough. It's not like running around Hyde Park or Central Park or even the KLCC park, which are relatively bigger and longer to go around. Plus this playground is close to home. I could walk/jog there and continue the walk/jog around it and be home in no time. No extra charge. Only challenge is waking up early, early on weekends to make my rounds. And if it rains... *thinks of burying self deep under the duvet* ... NO, ZIMA! You will make your rounds even if it rains. All you need is a windbreaker and lots of Vitamin C. Of course, I'm not going to be all suicidal about this. If the rain is too heavy, I'll compensate by doing OTHER forms of exercise.

I haven't thought about the other form of exercise yet. Maybe it would be a combination of housework and an actual workout. Perhaps it's time to invest on some workout dvds, and more importantly, USE THEM! Got any suggestions? I like to dance and since I can't afford to take up dancing lessons, maybe an aerobics dvd with some cool, cool moves instead of the usual "1 and 2 and 3 and jump" would help. Maybe do a solo 'poco-poco'?

This is as far as my 'plan' goes for now. Maybe when I can get more inspiration, I'll be able to list down a few more to-do items on the list. Most importantly, out of this whole equation is to get moving with them, so help me GOD! :D


Aleanor said…
Hey don't worry too much about your weight because if you exercise, you will build up your muscles which are heavier than the fats that you have lost hence the increase in weight!

If you can't join the gym why don't you try doing some racquet sports instead? An excuse to catch up with a friend or two too!

I too been trying hard to lose weigh these past two weeks, so far I have lost 2.5kg! hehe! Mostly because my mom hasn't been around to feed me during dinner time I think! But I have been exercising like crazy this past week too :)

Ganbatte, ne? :)

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