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6 days of 26

6 days have past since I turned 26 years old. I wouldn't say that there has been oh so many changes in my life yet. Being 26 is a lot like 25. Ahaha!

Anyways, not much to update except that I am just really determined to keep the positive energy up, up, up! :)

I do have some pictures though. My birthday celebration was definitely done in style and surrounded with family. Not so much with friends... yet (I hope). But even if friends aren't available to celebrate my birthday, it's no biggie whatsoever. I am just happy that there are peeps who do remember me on my day. *smiles* I mean, just take a look at all these!!

Elfirra Thazali Happy Birthday! ♥ Cindy LeeHappy Birthday Dear!! Mazwiyana Mohamed Hi Girl!Happy Birthday!may this year bring prosperous to you..n be happy always ya :)
Erica AnnuarZimaaaaaa... mmg x cukup.. already wished on twitter and sms noooow, :D HAPPPPY BIRTHDAY darling! :* I know you're having a blast now. ;-) Aminde Bernie happy happy birthday gal:-) Syuhad…

Eve of 26

Probably some of you might be thinking what happened to me to be so quite for the last few weeks after my last post. I was quite determined to make my November a good one despite the haloo-baloo of crap happening at work. Mostly I was successful but it can get overwhelming too. I don't what it is about November that makes me get extremely stressed out but I am refraining from going into a hiatus at this time of the year like I normally do.

Today marks my last day as a 25-year old. Tomorrow, I embark on a new voyage being 26. The expectations of this new age are not clearly defined yet. I don't know what it has in store for me but it doesn't stop me from hoping for good things, love and happiness. GOD, please make my year as a 26-year old just as good if not better than my year as a 25-year old. Amin...

If you're still interested to know how this soon-to-be 26-year old explores the wonders of life, stay tuned!

Where did the weight go??

I wrote earlier how this one Brazen Careerist wrote about the connection between work and weight. And as a result of that it got me thinking about ways to make losing weight (the right way) happen for me. I have been at my wits end about this for a very long time. Simply because, it seemed like I am losing "fat" but my weight is still stuck somewhere. When I try on clothes from yester years, I seem to fit better now than I did last time. They're somehow more roomy and comfy (probably from the stretching throughout the years??). But in the instance of my Kurungs and Kebayas, which is not worn frequently except on special occassions or to work, I could easily slip into them without noticing any new bulge appearing or any tearing at the seams. This is usually even more so obvious right after Eid. I seemed to have lost a fair bit of "weight" from my appearance. But my dilemma starts when I step on the weighing scale...

That needle, oh that confounded needle, would t…