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Wedding Speech

I thought I might post up the little speech I wrote for the newly weds. I didn't actually get a chance to give the full speech on the wedding day itself. Everyone was quite anxious to get on with the karaoke and 'Poco-poco' right after the cake cutting ceremony that the mood for speech-fying was just not there. I did however, give a short thank you speech for the benefit of the relatives, which is about less than a quarter of my total speech.

As I mentioned in this earlier post I have to write about half of the speech in Malay. Nonetheless, I think the gist of the speech can still be understood without a full translation. Here goes...


Thank you, Bapak…


I'm told that the best speech makers follow three simple rules. Stand Up. Speak Up. Then, very quickly, Shut Up. I'll try to stick to that advice.

Zima sebagai wakil ahli keluarga berdiri di sini semata-mata untuk mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi terima kasih kepada semua ahli keluarga yang telah bertungkus-lumus meluangkan masa dan tenaga untuk menjayakan majlis perkahwinan K Farah dan Jamy. To tell you the truth, we would not have been able to succeed without your help. Our family is one where we always stick together through thick and thin. Even though kita semua adalah individu masing-masing dengan pemikiran dan opinion tersendiri, when it’s crunch time, somehow we always come together. Memang blood is thicker than water dalam keluarga kita ni.

Walaupun secara kebiasaannya dalam majlis ‘orang-orang tua’ macam ini, sepatutnya mereka yang lebih arif yang berdiri di sini untuk memberi ucapan. Tapi, tak ramai yang lebih arif tentang hati budi dan characteristic kakak Zima ni. Jadi, Mak dan Bapak telah memberi Zima peluang ini untuk menceritakan serba sedikit mengenai ratu sehari ini di samping menunjukkan penghargaan keluarga kami kepada saudara-mara yang lain.

Actually K Farah is very special to all of us. I think kalau dia takde, memang our household can be very dull and uninteresting. Undeniably, she is our livewire. I mentioned that she is the ratu sehari, but seriously to us, she is always our Princess. K Farah ni, lembut, manja, very kind, generous, smart and beautiful… TAPI ada kalanya bengis dia keluar jugak! It’s apparent especially masa kejutkan dia dari tidur pagi-pagi. TAKUT… tetiba je dia bertukar jadi ‘THE INCREDIBLE HULK’. So Jamy, be warned.

She is also a very strong and brave person. Even though dia nampak halus tapi she can stand up for herself. I can’t speak for everyone on this but to me, most of the time, walaupun Zima is the biggest in size in the family, K Farah lah orang yang paling kuat stand up for me and to defend me in whatever situation. Satu lagi example yang K Farah ni brave, strong and smart, masa kecik-kecik dulu dia selalu ambik Zima punya snacks yang beli dari India jual roti. Ada aja cara dia to get it from me. Even though she and I both have the same snacks, somehow she would always eat from mine first until it’s all finished! Agaknya, dia buat macam tu masa Zima kecik tu sebab dia tak nak Zima makan banyak sangat kot. Sorry K Farah, if that was your intention, macam backfire laa sebab I still became your chubby little sister until now.

As I grew older, K Farah has never neglected to let me tag along with her sharing her friends with me and doing a whole lot of things together. We later discovered that we shared many things in common and not only are we sisters but she became my closest friend and confidante. That is another special thing about K Farah. Whoever she meets, she always has a way to your heart. I’m sure that that is one of the things that attracted Jamy to her among many other factors. Betul tak?

Of course, mana ada relationship, family or not, that is all rainbows and roses all the time. Gaduh-gaduh tu semua ada because even though Mak and Bapak brought us up with good values and beliefs, at the end of the day we all are different individuals. Tapi Jamy, you have nothing to worry about because the one thing that Mak and Bapak has taught us well is that in whatever situation, family is number one and we stick together through thick and thin – differences or not.

But the biggest thing that we all share as anak-anak Mak and Bapak is our loving and caring nature. And Jamy, you are the luckiest guy because K Farah is the most loving and caring among us all. Just check with anyone here. I’m sure everyone would agree.

Bila K Farah told us that she has found her true love, it was like a fairy tale ending because we all know she deserved to meet her prince charming. Mak, Bapak, and our adik-beradik semua dah grille Jamy habis-habis. Bukan apa, we all semua nak make sure that he is compatible with K Farah. True enough, Jamy is compatible to a tee with K Farah. In fact, boleh katakan Jamy is a male version of her!

And with that, we warmly welcome you to our family. Today marks the first day that you are our brother and our relative. But this is only the beginning of yours and K Farah’s life together. Take care of each other always and make sure that my sister is surrounded with love all the time. She deserves it because she carries your heart in her heart always.

Before I end, I just would like to reiterate mine and our family’s thanks to all of you who made this a reality. Ayong, Ayahmuda+Wan, Wak+Wah, Mama Kutut+Pak Aji, Waely, Ahchik+Wanchik, Ahteh+Wanteh, Acu+Ayahcu, Makecik+ Che Azmi, Aunty Roki+Uncle Zali, your consultation, support and contributions did not go unnoticed and we deeply appreciate you. To my dear cousins, Nekni+Che M, Yong+Che Yop, Che Sham+K Tuty, K Lama+Shahidir, Yeop, anak-anak Wak, anak-anak Ahchik, anak-anak Acu & anak-anak Makecik, Firra and Rafil, thank you so much for your unending support and for tahan-ing our karenah keluarga. To my nieces and nephews saudara, we are thankful for your willingness to run around.

Last but not least, to my own parents, adik-beradik, K Liza & Che Ham, nieces, nephew and Kakak Siti & Kak Satiah , terima kasih banyak-banyak atas kesabaran, kecekalan, masa, usaha dan macam-macam lagi sumbangan yang tak terhingga untuk majlis ini. I know we have sacrificed a lot and even delayed birthday celebrations, namely for K Long and Fidau, but we will make it up to you soon. I am just glad that we stuck together and made it through crunch time.

Kalau ada sesiapa yang Zima tertinggal dalam ucapan penghargaan ini, Zima minta maaf sebab bukan sengaja Zima tinggalkan cuma kerana I am only human. Nevertheless, all your contributions and help will not and cannot go unnoticed.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.


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