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Just a quick update...

My whole family and I are busy with Buffy's upcoming wedding (it's this coming weekend. Eeep!!) so updates on Eid and what not would be put on hold until the storm settles on the big day. It's crunch time and I have to admit that we've had a few challenges, as a family unit and for each individual persons, to get over. There are unavoidable stresses and undefined panic about in our household but we're setting aside any differences to come together to make all this happen for Buffy and InsyaAllah, with God's help, we will get through this as best as we can.

In the meantime, THANK YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS who were willing to pray/spread the word/donate blood on behalf of my aunt who was hospitalised recently. She needed blood transfusion and since she used some blood from the hospital's blood bank, they needed new blood to replenish the bank. My family and I truly appreciate and are thankful for all those who prayed for her wellbeing and for wanting to donate blo…

Indeed a HAPPY Ramadhan Mubarak

This was what went down last night in Tony Roma's, Pavillion with Christmas, her sister (Myra) and brother (Hijaz), and Little Boy.

The adik-beradik. Haven't seen Hijaz & Myra in THREE YEARS! Where have I been?? Eh, no, they were the ones who were gone for THREE YEARS! Ahahaha!

Then it was the girl's turn for a photo op. :D

Just before break fast the waiter brought out the mini-baguettes. I smartly asked, "What's this?" and the waiter just casually replied, "Bread". We burst out laughing right after that. BWAHAHAHA!! Talk about pointing out the obvious.

"Stay away from the bread, Myra!"
And Myra went... "NEVAAA!!! YAAAaaaaaah!!"
Look at all the glorious food! We were mouthwatering by the time it arrived but decided to wait for Christmas & Hijaz to come back from the Surau before devouring them.

And boys being boys, they discovered tech toys with Hijaz's Iphone 3G S. Little Boy was rightly impressed.

In the meanwhile, the gir…

One more week left of Ramadhan

How time flies. Before you realise it, it's already the last week of Ramadhan. I'm going to really miss it. It's been a nice Ramadhan so far. The only sad bit is that I haven't been able to fast as much as I wanted to. The perils of being a woman and being unlucky to have been struck twice in a month. *sigh* But enough of that. I have to keep a positive mind. Insyaallah, by the time Syawal comes, I will be clean and ready for Eid Payers.
I have a few things to update.
First, my computer is all fixed and working like a charm. IT LIVES!! I was really excited that it didn't cost as much as I thought it would be to fix it and I needn't buy a new computer AND everything in the hard disk is retrievable. YAY!
Second, the internet at home is no longer out of commission. After a thorough check with Comp Doc at his shop and countless calls to the ISP's tech support, I almost gave up hope when the moment I plug in at home and it still wouldn't work. But by the grace…

Getting the ball rolling

Another edition of updates for the month of September 2009. It's already September?!? (O_o )
It's exactly one month before Buffy's nuptials. I don't know if I ever mentioned this but for the event, my family have entrusted me with the duty as emcee. And like a good daughter, I humbly accepted the job since I did it for PinkStar's wedding last year. BUT, since this is my parents we're talking about here, they want a more, how do I say this, elaborate emceeing duty. This time, complete with poems and heaps of protocol to follow. Not that PinkStar's wedding wasn't meticulously done but her parents were quite relaxed about the poems and protocol. For PinkStar it was pretty much me listing down the events that are coming, calling the VIPs to the wedding dais to give their blessings and then just going through the ceremony as the evening wore on. For Buffy's wedding, well, let's just say that my mum has started preparing several poems to be read out du…

Reminiscing Pangkor Island...

Ok Ok, so it's already the 13th day of Ramadhan but sadly, I am only in my 5th day of fasting. Meh! Anyways, Ramadhan is going great, nevertheless. Even though I couldn't fast at the beginning of Ramadhan, I sure acted like I could! So, it's been a while since I put any pictorial updates. Hence I thought I should take this chance to put in a few photos of days before. I'd say most of the photos uploaded here would be on my family vacation to Pangkor Island. This happened a while back, in July to be precise but better late than never right? Here goes...
Day 1 - Making our way to Lumut where the jetty to Pangkor is.
On the jetty now!
That's our ferry. It's called "Naik Selalu"
In the ferry at last!!!
L-R: Mak, Bapak, Doc & Buffy

Finally, after I think about 45 minutes, we were on Pangkor Island!
Us in our ride from the jetty to the resort. Yay for picture taken in a fast moving van!
Mak at lobby area. We arrived early and had to wait until our room was read…