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My, my, it's Friday!

Ramadhan Mubarak is here, yo!!!!
Actually, it's been here since last Saturday (22nd August) and without any of us realising it, a week has passed since it started. Only another 3 more weeks until RAYA!! Yay. Seriously, I feel like a kid again for being excited about Raya. But I should save some of the excitement for closer to Raya.

Anyhow, this Ramadhan is showing promising signs of good and happy times especially among family and friends. I think I should take this opportunity to tighten the knit of kinship while delving deeper into spiritual uplifting. How dramatic. But yes, that's what I should do. Life is, afterall, very short and unexpected.

The weekend is just around the corner! Can you smell it?? It's smells like, char kuey teow and tau fu fa... err. Actually, no. What I'm getting at is, I'm going back to Hippo this weekend! Yay. And to top it all off, Monday will be a Public Holiday.

Clearly my mind is not where my body is rig…

10 things for Alhamdulillah...

In these current times amidst the H1N1 pandemic, I think while we have to be extra-cautious of the air about us, we cannot live in fear and complain so much about life. So here, I've listed down a few things that I am thankful for personally. Although it's only August and not the end of the year as yet, from time to time, I do believe we have to remind ourselves of the good things that GOD has blessed us with. As Ramadhan approaches, I felt more inclined to be thankful of my current situation in my life. The events that occured in the past few months has shown that we can never take anything for granted.

If you have the time, please share with me the things that you are thankful for. With that, I say Alhamdulillah to life and all it's offerings & mysteries...

1. Alhamdulillah, I managed to fulfill one of my wants for my parents this week. It's not much but what I could not give them in monetary values, I rather give in-kind. That is what I can afford for them now. A …


Remember these two happily married couples?

Danial & Rozi

Shuk & FarihaWell over the weekend, the whole lot of the clan went home to our late granparents' house for our annual 'Kenduri Sambut Puasa'. The family would have this gathering once a year before every Ramadhan whereby the elders would give a token to every family member. It used to be that the girls in the family would get a batik sarong or some cash. Later on, after our grandparents have passed on, the uncles & the aunts would alternate from sarongs to cash to sugar to cloth. This year we all got cloth to be made into kebaya or kurung. So anyways, to get back to the happy couple, amidst the merry making somewhere along the way the news got out that both couples are pregnant! Yes, it's confirmed. Although it's still early days but of course we can't help but feel happy and excited for them. My cousins, the ones who taught me about football and would always get me involved in games usually p…

12th of a Good Day

Yesterday was a good day.
I decided to take the day off from work and offer myself as chauffer for Mak. Although I was bummed about the realisation that my computer is KAPUT the night before, I was full of energy and excitement for my day out with mum. We didn't have much planned because mum was having her NGO meeting in the afternoon. But before anything, breakfast would be in order. We went over to the club for some nice Yong Tau Foo and Chee Cheong Fun and had a pleasant time just chit chatting, catching up on family matters.

After that, I drove her to her meeting for her NGO and decided to while away my time at the Curve. Finally ate my Ikea hotdog! (SO GOOD). Then I went to the little shop where I got my maxi dress from to check out their latest collection. I was determined to get some dresses for Eid and wouldn't you know it I came out of the store with two dresses and a short-sleeved cardi. *grins*

Before long, Mak called to say she was done with her meeting and as I was …

Friday Migraine

I'm having another episode of a terrible migraine. Ughh... the pain triple fold just after lunch today. To the point of almost hurling all the yummy goodness of lunch. Damn!

Hope this wave will subside soon. I took a couple of Panadol to curb the impending temperature rise. Yes, my whole body was shivering and feeling very warm. The only relief I have amidst this H1N1 epidemic is that I don't have a cold or cough. Alhamdulillah... HOWEVER, if it persists at the end of the day, I'm going straight to the clinic near my house.

So last night was a nice evening. My brother has been all alone in his crib with Tiger because SIL is out of town. So he asked us girls, me and Buffy, to sleepover at his place to keep him company. We went out to dinner and during that time, we were finally enlightened about... Cricket! Yes, the game that has eluded me since the beginning of time has finally been shed some light over. I never knew but apparently my brother used to play a little of cricket…

Welcome Augusta

This is kinda sad... I have nothing to update. Maybe if I mull further I'll finally find something to write about. But for now,

HAPPY AUGUST EVERYONE! :) Perhaps I can just line up the things that are happening in August: - My new boss is leaving already. (aww...) - The bast***d resigned. (YES!) - Ramadhan is coming and with that Kenduri Sambut Puasa will happen next weekend. (seeing relatives again) - The nation's Independence Day will bring a long awaited three-day weekend. (YAY!) Think that's about it for now. Oh and HAVE A GREAT TRIP TO SYDNEY, PINKSTAR! *hugs*