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Wrapping up the Present

Since it's Friday and I started the week in a not-so-fun way, I thought I should at least attempt to wrap up this week with some niceties.

I wish I have pictures at hand though. :P

Anyways, I did say I will update on my sickly vacation - And I will! Just as soon as I can get the bloody internet connection at home to stabilise long enough for the update and photo upload. It'll be good fun.

So this week is like a winding-down of Doc's homecoming. She's had a few busy days catching up with friends and such. And the family's not giving her much free time either. In the day time, she's free to roam around town to see her friends but at night, we would take up her time just catching up.

Monday night, Buffy and I dragged her along (that's a lie - she went willingly) to 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'. I heard mixed reviews about the movie but let's just say, you can only decide on it if you have watched it yourself. I'm SO GLAD I didn't let others influence my expectations on the movie because I ENJOYED it uber much! I wouldn't mind watching the movie again even. Any takers??

Tuesday was the first day back to work for me. Nothing exciting there and I was fasting anyways. When I got home, Mak was waiting outside for me. Thinking she just wanted to open the gate, she came over to my passenger side and asked me to take her to the nearby mamak. She didn't cook much and wanted more dishes for dinner. I brought her to Kayu Nasi Kandar instead and practically splurged on YUMMY food. YUMMm!! Bapak was just waiting for us to get home with the goodies while watching... boxing, of all things. Doc was out the whole day, of course, but she came home shortly after we got back from Kayu. Yep, you can bet we sat at that dinner table just talking and eating after that. Hehe. Then an idea struck! Doc's friend recommended a nearby kopitiam called 'Kopitiam 333'. Guess where we're having dinner the next night...

Wednesday, 2nd day of replacement fasting. I came home after work, in time to break fast. Shortly after a quick sip of Mak's cooling syrup drink and a bite of Doc's cheesecake, we were off to our next culinary adventure. I can say that they intended the concept to be like in Penang or Ipoh but it didn't really work. The service was not very good but FORTUNATELY, the food recommended by Doc's friend was thumbs up. We got excited that they had Sotong Kangkung! But it wasn't nice at all. And their rojak was... bleagh. BUT yes, the Mee Bandung Muar was nice. All in all though, we had a real nice family time with great fun conversations.

Then Thursday arrived. Mak decided that she wants to treat the whole lot of us to dinner at her (she has decided this) favourite place - Seri Melaka in TTDI. She even said, "No one can take away my Seri Melaka". Hehehe! So yeap, the WHOLE lot of us, right down to little Ameerul was there last night for din din. We even went on to have dessert in Baskin Robbins. The shopkeepers in BR had an amusing time trying to entertain the kids too!

Which brings us to today. Friday... I can't breathe a sigh of relief yet since it's still early in the day but there's another (Insyaallah) dinner planned in Sri Ayutthaya for my parents, Doc, Buffy and me. But like I said, it's early day still. And guess what, Prodigal Friend is making a come back! Christmas and I are meeting her for lunch. TEN, TEN, TEEENNNNN!!!!! Will let you know what happens. And before Sri Ayutthaya, karaoke with colleagues (not sure if I'm looking forward to that since I'm not THAT comfortable about socialising with workmates. EEP!).

Cheers for a (hopefully) good Friday!

p/s: Oh and I'm still with the flu. BOO! ;-(


Spin Me Silly! said…
i usually have the sotong kangkung from asia cafe. nice also :)
Shugabelle said…
Where is Asia Cafe?? Eh, I still haven't brought you to eat Asam Laksa in Decanter. When?? :D
Spin Me Silly! said…
asia cafe in 15? opposite starbucks. yes, yes, we must go to decanter. it looks like it'll have to be for buka puasa sometime next month la babe.
Shugabelle said…
Hehe! Okay, next month buka puasa. We'll have some nice hot Assam Laksa k. :)

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