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End of July already???

I am happy to report that Doc is well settled back in the UK and getting all geared up for her medical latest posting, which will start in early August.

Speaking of August, WHERE DID THE TIME GO? It's already the end of July? Sheesh... I have to say, while quite a few good things happened since the new year began until now, it has also been laced with a few tragic thing. The entertainment world isn't spared any tragedies either. In a span of two weekends, two amazing minds were taken from us in this world which would starve us of their creative works; the lates and greats Frank McCourt and Yasmin Ahmad... You will be missed. May GOD bless you.

My mum also told me yesterday that my aunt in Pearl Island has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and has undergone a surgery to take the lump out yesterday. I don't have the full details on the diagnosis so I'm still unsure at which stage is she in. And in as much as I don't like her for how she has treated my uncle (h…

Wrapping up the Present

Since it's Friday and I started the week in a not-so-fun way, I thought I should at least attempt to wrap up this week with some niceties.

I wish I have pictures at hand though. :P
Anyways, I did say I will update on my sickly vacation - And I will! Just as soon as I can get the bloody internet connection at home to stabilise long enough for the update and photo upload. It'll be good fun.

So this week is like a winding-down of Doc's homecoming. She's had a few busy days catching up with friends and such. And the family's not giving her much free time either. In the day time, she's free to roam around town to see her friends but at night, we would take up her time just catching up.

Monday night, Buffy and I dragged her along (that's a lie - she went willingly) to 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'. I heard mixed reviews about the movie but let's just say, you can only decide on it if you have watched it yourself. I'm SO GLAD I didn't le…

Touchbase + arvo update

Sorry I haven't been 'good' at updating. I don't have much of an excuse really. Not that I didn't try to put in a post but it was just timing I suppose.

I'm still here. Just got back from a rather nice family island getaway (tell you more about a little later) and trying to kick off this sickness I've been having since before the vacation (the flu and I don't mix well). For now, I'm back at work and will be trying to get into the groove. More updates to come!

Till then, hope everyone's doing fine.


Update @ 3.02pm

You know, I was feeling crappy mainly due to my flu today. But the best part of this whole crappy s**te (not going to directly swear coz I'm fasting today) was that I somehow managed to 'confront' one of my "friends" in the office on why she is not talking to me. I swear, it was like I did not exist! The funny thing was this... apparently one day about TWO WEEKS a…

The Remorseful Loss...

The news came rather unexpectedly. Although I didn't find out as early as PinkStar or Sulo did, I was still nonetheless overcame with an immense wave of grief. My friend lost her father earlier today...

I cannot even begin to imagine what that feeling is like. It is not something that we can ever prepare ourselves with no matter how inevitable it is. I don't ever think so.

To dear Yi Lei and her family, I am so sorry for your loss.
May you find strength in each other to get through this together.
May your father rest in peace...