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Zima hearts Chanel flats & Pancake Journey

Don't you just adore these? I especially love the mary janes! I remembered that Kylie Minouge once had a tea party with chanel ballet flats on the cupcakes, which were so cute. Made me think of looking at the classic ballet flats. Haven't been able to really find a pic of the coloured ones but it's in my memory. Instead, I found these mary janes and totally fell in love with it. *sigh*

A girl can dream of owning a RM2k++ (?) pair of shoes, right? Well, in any case this will go into my wishlist. :D

This is another Chanel flats that's much closer to the classic look. Only difference is that it doesn't have the pretty little bow on the shoe and the CC logo is embossed and embroidered around it.

On to my 'Pancake Journey'. Actually I've never blogged about it but I have twittered about for the last few weeks. I was inspired one evening when I found a video on how to make American pancakes on Youtube. It showed the blow by blow of making pancakes from scratch and it seemed rather easy and spiffy. Immediately my inspiration senses tingled! I wanted to make warm, fluffy American pancakes. After studying the clip and telling my sister that I wanted to make them from scratch, I determined myself to get the ingredients.

I had it in my head to learn how to make the basic pancakes and then graduate to making various other kinds of pancakes. So far, I've found English pancakes, crepes, banana pancakes, Korean pancakes, Swedish pancakes and Atayef. Then I thought, wouldn't it be nice to hold a Pancake Party with my friends and family. And now I have a mission.

My first attempt at pancakes was last Tuesday. I followed the recipe on Youtube to a tee! Unfortunately, the video didn't exactly indicate that the butter should be unsalted and that the salt we had to put in was to our taste and not really one full teaspoon. My pancakes turned out to be small, flat and salty. Gah!!! I also couldn't find any maple syrup so we had to eat the salty pancakes with honey - Lots and lots of honey.

Then I went in search of unsalted butter but I could only find the Irish unsalted ones which isn't exactly small change worthy. I was also looking for new not-so-expensive non-stick pan or griddle (but this still eludes me). Anyways, the butter was worth the price I paid (considering that it's only butter!). Last night, I decided to give it another shot and my pancakes came out fluffy and warm and so American-like, I squealed! YES!! I am that much closer to throwing my very own Pancake Party.

Next would be to tackle those other types of pancakes. More on my 'Pancake Journey' to come. :D


Spin Me Silly! said…
i think i like the varina more! hehe.. altho i would prob go for something more heel-y, and shiny with loads of jewels! hahaha..
Shugabelle said…
Yeah... the Varina is still top of the list, shoe-wishlist wise for me. hehe.

Ooh heels & jewels! preety... lemme try looking for some inspiration. :D
Aleanor said…
Sounds yummy! Anyhows I have always wondered, what is that thing that pops up asking me to login with a password each time I come to your website?
Shugabelle said…
Aleanor: It's to read my twitter updates. Hehe.
Shugabelle said…
lyricaldelirium: Yay! Wait for it k. :D

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