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Departed but never forgotten...

As I woke up this morning, rather disgruntled and hoping that my internet would work, I logged on into Twitter and was shocked by the news of the sudden passing of Michael Jackson, The King of Pop...

Rest in Peace, Michael
1958 ~ 2009

Unable to digest the news, I drove to work with the radio blasting his songs as a tribute to the life and times of MJ. Listening to his songs from the yesteryears as well as a few that were produced in the recent years, I couldn't help but feel a sense of loss. Admittedly, I wasn't the biggest fan ever but a fan nonetheless. You just can't help but admire the bloke for his abilities.

Memories of his stellar dance moves and unique music videos that seem to push boundaries, played in my head like a VHS vcr. News after news confirms his passing due to cardiac arrest, one would think he, being the performer that he was, would have the heart of a horse and would never in a million years, be brought down by a heart attack! But, he was human after all...

Although he had some weird times in his life and although he felt that the only way for him to be accepted was through self mutilation and augmentation, he was indeed an iconic legend who gave us a chance to enjoy his creativity through our senses of hearing, vision and touch. No more will we be graced with his unbelievable talent nor his vast eccentricities. But his legacy of dance and music would be forever original and un-imitate-able. It truly is hard to believe that Michael Jackson, the one who I grew up listening to, is gone.

I remember reading confirmed reports of his conversion to Islam some time last year. And I hope that he truly died as a Muslim in the eyes of Allah.

May Allah bless his soul... Al-Fatihah.


Along with this post, a tribute to a fallen angel whose hair had an identity of it's own which survived decades of evolving fashion and style...

You fought the good battle, Farrah. Rest in peace...
1947 ~ 2009


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