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Rudely Awakened by a Brazen Careerist

Okay, this is what has been playing in my mind for the past week... I NEED to lose weight. I've come to the point where I am seriously contemplating seeking out professional medical help in order for me to lose weight.

You see, about 10 years ago, my dad took me to one of those slimming centres where they discourage you from doing any rigorous exercises in order to lessen the effects it would have on my fats turning into muscles. How they tackle weight loss is through a series of 'treatments' which involved body massages with various types of fat burning creams, wrapping me in clingwrap while I stand semi-naked with mud splattered all over me, sweating me dry under a hot blanket, and the oft times humiliating sessions where I'd stand in my tinies and be weighed on the scale and be measured head to toe to see if I'd lost any inches. They also had me see the nutritionist (who I do not even know what her credentials were) and was given dietary plans to follow.

For a whi…

Departed but never forgotten...

As I woke up this morning, rather disgruntled and hoping that my internet would work, I logged on into Twitter and was shocked by the news of the sudden passing of Michael Jackson, The King of Pop...

Rest in Peace, Michael
1958 ~ 2009

Unable to digest the news, I drove to work with the radio blasting his songs as a tribute to the life and times of MJ. Listening to his songs from the yesteryears as well as a few that were produced in the recent years, I couldn't help but feel a sense of loss. Admittedly, I wasn't the biggest fan ever but a fan nonetheless. You just can't help but admire the bloke for his abilities.

Memories of his stellar dance moves and unique music videos that seem to push boundaries, played in my head like a VHS vcr. News after news confirms his passing due to cardiac arrest, one would think he, being the performer that he was, would have the heart of a horse and would never in a million years, be brought down by a heart attack! But, he was human after all..…

Happy Birthday To the Tallest Woman in MY World...

...MY MAK!!!! :D

Factually, she's really not the tallest woman in the world. But when I was growing up and still very much shorter than I am now, I used to look up (literally) to her thinking she is the tallest woman in the world. She was the woman who could reach the light switch. She was the woman that could take down a biscuit from the top most shelf for me. She was the woman who could carry me way high off the ground. She was the woman could look eye to eye with just about ANY adult that she came in contact with. When she walks in a room, she lights it up with her presence. Whatever she does is mesmerising! From the way she puts on her makeup to the way she leads at work to the way she does household chores.
Evidently as time goes by, I started to grow past her height. I became the girl who could reach the light switch on my own and before long, Mak would ask me to reach for the biscuit tin at the top most shelf for her. I can't carry her, but she gives the BEST hug anyone c…


Doc's coming HOME!!!! Arrival: 6th July 2009

More affairs in May and June

Now where was I? Oh yes, Part 2 of my affairs in May and June.
So I stopped off at Nadia's wedding reception that fell on a Thursday. To continue on, we have a double wedding celebration! Remember that cousin of mine who got married? Well, he is the younger of two brothers who got married and had their reception on the same weekend. After the younger one has been a married man for about a week, the elder brother tied the knot on Friday, 5th of June. I didn't get a chance to witness the akad that Friday night but I was there full force from Saturday onwards.
Buffy and I started from KL to Hippo that Saturday morning to make it in time for the elder brother's reception in the girl's side. A very unusual sight to see the both of us up and rarring to go by 8.30am. We arrived in Hippo at 10.30am with enough time for breakfast and to get ready for the convoy.

Here's my cousin in his wedding garb. The best man is also my cousin. Don't they look all grown up?

Buffy in the…

Affairs I've had from May to June

The weekends from Mother's Day in May until now have been quite the family affair. We've had lunches, dinners, weddings, after weddings, after weddings and the best part is, June is only just beginning (technically speaking). Behold... evidence of human activity in my life.
On Mummy's Day - despite Mak being very busy with her NGO's charity dinner that night, we managed to hijack her for some scrumptious dim sum lunch.

Mak reading our 'Scrapbook' Mother's Day card aloud for everyone to hear. Clearly Bapak was amused.

Later that night, the big dinner Mak's been stressing about
The children showing support to Mak. GO MAK GO!
One of Mak's many contributions to the NGO. Spot the name? Hint: She's number 2 on 'Persiapan Tempat'(Venue arrangement)

And that night we were entertained by 'Evergreen' performers from the 60's and 70's

Then, things quieted down a little for the next couple of weekends. A few things did happen but I didn…

Zima hearts Chanel flats & Pancake Journey

Don't you just adore these? I especially love the mary janes! I remembered that Kylie Minouge once had a tea party with chanel ballet flats on the cupcakes, which were so cute. Made me think of looking at the classic ballet flats. Haven't been able to really find a pic of the coloured ones but it's in my memory. Instead, I found these mary janes and totally fell in love with it. *sigh*

A girl can dream of owning a RM2k++ (?) pair of shoes, right? Well, in any case this will go into my wishlist. :D

This is another Chanel flats that's much closer to the classic look. Only difference is that it doesn't have the pretty little bow on the shoe and the CC logo is embossed and embroidered around it.

On to my 'Pancake Journey'. Actually I've never blogged about it but I have twittered about for the last few weeks. I was inspired one evening when I found a video on how to make American pancakes on Youtube. It showed the blow by blow of making pancakes from scratch a…

Zima hearts Varina

A sure fire way to put a smile on your face at the start of the work day/week. :P
I've been lusting over these babies since last year when I saw a lady at the airport sporting them. The Varina flats are love, love, love.

Maybe this can be my birthday present to myself. I'm not sure if they still house them in the boutiques but I'm looking around for it in the net. Only setbacks about buying off the Internet, the size and the authenticity of the merchandise. Plus, I would not be able to exactly decide which colour would suit me best. Pink is definitely beyoutifull in pictures but the lady in the airport was wearing a yellow/mustard version which was gorgeous! The Varina also comes in black, navy, green, blood red, etc. All beautiful and tempting!

First thing's first though, we'll see if I can gather enough moolah just to splurge on a pair of Varinas. Hehe!

Speculating June

It's a new month. HAPPY 1st of JUNE!

The new month brings the following:

I have new books...
- Read 'Life on the Refrigerator Door' by Alice Kuipers last night.
- Finally got a copy of 'P.S. I Love You' by Cecelia Ahern.
- Bought 'Perfect' by Sara Shepard.
- ...and did I ever mentioned that I found a copy of 'Love Letters of Great Men' recently? Yes, it has the infamous love letter by Ludwig van Beethoven which was quoted in the 'Sex and the City' movie: Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours.

- One month without a manager leading us.
- End of the month, the coming of a new manager.
- Being an exhibitor, yet again, for the Company in the bi-annual industry exhibition.
- Working my arse off for the Company's new benefit scheme for staff.

- Two male cousins' wedding in the coming weekend.
- One high school friend's wedding this Thursday (yes, I know...).
- One colleague/friend's engagement ceremony.
- Mak's 67th birthday!!

Maybe …