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Upside down Tuesday

Last Friday, the following was planned out...

So this weekend has the following in store:

- Tonight lepaq session with Christmas
- Saturday - a mix of OD-ing on Ben Ten, tele, maybe some shop around, dinner & sleepover at PinkStar's
- Sunday - I'm easy like Sunday morning...

Sometime in the weekend I would like to catch 'Wolverine' so we'll see if I can muster that much energy to fulfill it. Muahaha!!!


I'm glad to say that I did most of those things and more, except for Wolverine. I had the best time with PinkStar and Cikumuffin during the weekend. Maybe this coming weekend will see me in the theatre but there's no affirmative on that as yet because for the coming weekend these are expected:

- Parents will be home from Hippo today! I need them badly now.
- A cousin's house warming
- Another cousin's akad nikah/wedding

Not long after that, June will arrive and for some reason, June would bring even more weddings on the weekends, which I am looking forward to.
Monday was a day where I somehow managed to come out unscathed. BUT, Tuesday, today, is a whole 180 degree change. I'm sitting on thin ice just waiting for it to crumble beneath me. It's the crime I didn't commit but have to pay for.

What am I talking about?

Well, it's about how simple administrative work goes through the mills of idiocy and carelessness by someone else. It was this person, yet again. Urghh... I keep having to do damage control for this person and in the mean time, have to bear the shites from very 'influential' people. Talk about dirty politics, cronyism and nepotism. I am totally exhausted and it's not even 12.00pm.

So the drama continues. I am actually unable to emotionally react though. Do I lash out? Do I curl up in a ball (which I am so tempted to do)? Do I admit defeat and take the beating lying down? I don't know. I really don't know...

<<-Update @ 11.37am->> As at now, I'm a glad to say that GOD is really on my side. Alhamdulillah, the drama ironed out some. Praise be to ALLAH s.w.t!!!!


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